Hitman 3 game improvements

Hi, i would like to encourage developers to add binocular in hitman game, because there are levels that are very large and open like Mendoza…, I would like to get binoculars and watch the target to study what he does and where he goes, as well as for others. Yes, you can get a sniper, but then you need to hide and it won’t work everywhere.
Another thing I don’t like and it looks unrealistic, if you shoot from a sniper once at a target and you got kill it, the guards know your location and run towards you, it looks unrealistic. I understand if I shot many times from one place, and they figured out where they were shooting from, but damn from a long distance, one single shot and a crowd is running towards you, this is stupid.
I hope you hear me and add improvements, and make the game even better.


You can use the camera as a bonocular, it does have several levels of zooming

About the Sniper: It may be unrealistic to know your exact position, but from how the body falls and maybe a wound / hole in the wall appears they can at least approx. know from where the shot came


i agree with @FSMcas. i don’t think it’s necessary to add binoculars and the sniper part makes sense. and technically most people would try to pin point the shooter. one thing i don’t understand is how you can put a broadsword in and out of a briefcase multiple times but not a katana.

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Introduce back some scrapped/unused songs for a few maps in the trilogy: Paris (from the Closed HITMAN Alpha in 2015), Santa Fortuna, Hawke’s Bay/Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek

Songs (YouTube), credits go to Salem for uploading these

HITMAN Soundtrack - 2015 Closed Alpha Sound Collection - YouTube
HITMAN 2 Soundtrack - Santa Fortuna/Hawke's Bay Unused Tracks - YouTube
HITMAN 2 Soundtrack - Colombia (Pre-Beta Leak) - YouTube
HITMAN 2 Soundtrack - Whittleton Creek Unused Tracks - YouTube

Also Sarajevo Six for HITMAN 3 on all platforms. Surely IO could discuss this with Sony and make it happen some way.

I would like to play the Sarajevo Six… but alas, I’m on Xbox


that is a reasonable request. i should i be the only one enjoying it? think it’s fair other should be able to play it.

I’d like to see a patch where you can play the bonus missions with casual or master difficulty. I think they’re set to professional by default and you can’t change it to lower or increase the level of challenge available.

i noticed that too, no master difficulty achievements in new Ambrose Island, please add it!!