Hitman 3 greatest flaw

The greatest dissappointment with Hitman 3 is the disappearance of map-specific challenges with rewards. Don’t get me wrong: the game is AWESOME, I can’t however shake the feeling that this kinda ruins the replayability for me.

I was really looking forward to unlocking new awesome rewards in every map (I’m looking at you golden crowbar). Instead most was carried over to be mastery unlocks, with “the classics” providing (some of) the rewards.

Here’s to hoping there will be at least some additional content that will give challenges with rewards.


Oh yeah I miss the level centric challenges. I also thought it helped give more personality to the maps and allow more focus on unused disguises and areas.

Though maybe with the more “darker” tone they thought they were out of place with the game overall.


Judging by their past record, I am pretty sure there will be more challenge packs tied to corresponding locations. Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future.


I think it is more removal of the existing ones from Hitman 1 and 2. Or partial removal as some still remain as more generic assassination challenges.

Pretty sure that they will bring back most of the challenge packs

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i think we have to remember that the game has only been out a few days and has its origins as a semi ‘live service’ type deal, so i imagine we’ll see more content as time goes on. this trilogy hasn’t been ‘fire-and-forget’.


I’m hoping progress will carry over to the challenge packs too, once they’re ported to H3. I’m not about to do that scarecrow stuff again!

I wish the classics still included master difficulty challenges, too. It’s odd to need the incentive to do that, but in a game with so much to do, I’m not likely to try master level sniper assassinations, for instance.

Nobody kinda mad that the unlocks weapons, gadgets ect. are the f-ing same as in hitman 2016 and hitman 2. Pretty much all is a reskin of new stuff, just a camera witch brings nothing to the table… And after a rocky start, Epic only and the promise that the player could acces this all from the start im left feeling that this a kinda dlc in disguise. I say this with a bleeding fanboy hart, i feel the wink to the past in the levels but straight up copy old 47 back from the dead trick feels cheap. Especially if you dont get anything new to unlock, feels like paying for a bag of air…(deluxe items not all accessible day 1) If you didn’t play the first two games then you get more bang for your buck… It sad to see that one of my personal favorite gamedeveloper doesnt give back to the loyal fans.
More people feeling like this?


Yeah I was bummed to see these go away. Even challenge based ones too, like master mode unlockables.

they change such things without a purpose every time. in their minds, how does removal of these challenges benefit the game exactly? does it help sell more copies? is the progression more fun? is it something people’ve been asking for? just dumb


I didn’t transfer, wanted a reason to play the old stuff again, but definitely hoping all the challenge packs come over. They’re my favorite side content, much prefer them to escalations.

Sigh If only…

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Imagine: dual silver ballers, instead of magic pockets just 4 items that the player can freely choose, different bullet type’s sniper rifle, sleeping gas grenade etc etc… i feel like that not hard to develop because some of the things are already in the game… Make you wander of the new possibilities to play the beautiful games.

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Nah man, Hitman 3’s greatest flaw (and H1 and H2) is this always online nonsense. Ruined the experience.


So your happy with the same gear over and over??
And yeah online only sucks…

It’s a biit daft having MkIII lockpick etc, but then those bits need to be in for players who don’t have H1 or H2. The camera is a cool little gimmick but I don’t know what other items I can unlock yet because, well, the dumb af progression lock because we can’t get online. They’ve hobbled the game, a damn single player game with an always online requirement. It’s stupid.

It’s… Hitman 3’s Greatest Flaw.

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So if your a long time player, a loyal player you don’t get rewarded…

no, they’re not. there were many discussions about how they could’ve been apporached differently. another idea is to simply make it all unlockable in the tutorial missions since they’re free and it’s not like unlocking a lockpick should be a late game thing

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I am a long time player, I don’t know what other unlocks, tools and weapons are yet though because I don’t want spoilers so haven’t looked it up.

Possibly, but then they weren’t available staight away in 2016, this is no different if you only play H3.