Hitman 3 Install Issue


I have encountered an installation issue on the Xbox Series X version of the game, where I can’t progress further than the first mission. All the other content says, “Downloading 77%”, however this is not true, as the game/content is installed on my expansion SSD. Is this a known bug?

I have the exact same issue on Series X (but on internal SSD). Only difference: my downloads are are stuck on 89%.

This applies to H3 Missions #2-6 and all 6 Missions from H2: all downloads stuck at 89% and saying “Hitman 3 is currently downloading”.

I think this might be a bug then, as it’s the same missions. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling with the same result each time.

I’ve reached out to ioi about this issue.

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I completely un- and reinstalled the whole game and now the missions downloads are stuck at 23%… lol

I have applied for refund now. For EUR 89,90 I expect a working game.

I’ll update you when I’ve heard back from ioi.

Just out of interest, did you purchase the deluxe edition? As all extra content for that is broken too!

The thing is, if you have watched the latest Major Nelson podcast, Larry has HM 3 running in the background, and you can see he’s stuck on 88%.

lol, no I didn’t see that Podcast with Major Nelson, interesting.

And yes, I have the Deluxe Edition.

Microsoft denied my refund :frowning:

Update: since the refund was denied, I installed the game again (3rd time now). Now levels 2-5 are working :rofl:

I know this may sound odd, but I’ve found that the longer you leave it idling, it completes its ‘download’.