Hitman 3 issues?

Ok here is the deal guys, I need some help and am confused in a major way.

Some time back, The game just stopped launching, when I click play game the screen goes away and nothing happens…

I have uninstalled (many times)
I have done all updates (many times)

Since Epic (the platform I am having issues with) wants to blame my PC, I thought I would do away with that thought, so I installed the Epic Game App on my laptop, did all updates , installed H3 and when I clicked PLAY game… NOTHING , it did exactly the same as the desktop.

So to me this seems like an account issue? Any tips or tricks are appreciated, I am really tired of not being able to play

Does it work offline ? I have a minor problem related to my account (contracts favorites stopped working) but I think that before connecting to ioi servers you should see the intro screen. However I am on ps4.