Hitman 3 Legacy Question - H1 and H2

Hey everyone I’m sorry if this has been asked before - I’m new here but I did scroll through but couldn’t see it this specific. If I buy the Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack for Hitman 2 do you think that would be enough for me to have Hitman 1 on Hitman 3 or will I need to purchase Hitman 1 as it’s own thing rather than a legacy pack? Any help or theories is greatly appreciated!

We don’t know the exact details, but yes HITMAN GOTY Legacy Pack should be enough since it allows access to all prior HITMAN 2016 content in HITMAN 2.


I am still on PS4 for now but my main concern is how the transition to PS5 will happen for the legacy content…I know Hitman 3 upgrades to PS5 for free…but what about all the Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 content…if I own those on PS4 for Hitman 3 do they upgrade to PS5 for free too or what?

For Xbox it’s gonna be seem-less since the Smart Delivery version is simply just a Update that enhances the game to Series X standards. For PS5 I’m not quite sure.

I’m pretty sure games with free PS5 upgrades are mandated by Sony to have DLC redeem both the PS4 and PS5 variants.

I’ve upgraded Watch Dogs Legion and Sackboy to the PS5 builds and I noticed that when I was redeeming DLC codes that were in the box on the PS4 - it was redeeming two of each DLC. Turned out it was both the PS4 and PS5 variants of the same DLC so nothing would be lost in the eventual transfer.

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Honestly couldn’t care less about Xbox. So far all upgrade paths have been identical on both platforms with the exception of Call of Duty cold war for which the physical edition of the game upgrades for free from PS4 to PS5 but not from XB1 to Series X…“Smart Delivery” is nothing but a couple of marketing buzzwords that have so far netted zero advantage for Xbox.

Just sharing how it works on my platform. It may not be the answer you’re looking for, but it’s one others will be.

Yes it is marketing, but it’s one that is seem-less since it’s just applies an update instead of giving you a separate version that doesn’t need much explanation compared to Cold War where you have to download a separate version of the game and for PS5 and switch to the better version.

Thank you - this is what I also think and its only £18 on the xbox store at the moment rather than £54 so seems like something I should sort now ??

And if they normally charge £54 you would think it’s enough to qualify for H3!