Hitman 3 levels import from EGS to Steam

The title pretty much says it all, as in: are we going to be allowed to transfer the levels for H3 from Epic Games Store to Steam just like we could with Hitman 1 and 2 levels the other way around last year?

For example, I bought Hitman 2 + 1 + the season passes on Steam. Then, when 3 came out, I bought it on the EGS and imported my H2 and H1 levels into it. Afaik there shouldn’t be any technical obstacle preventing me from importing the H3 levels and progress back to Steam, since all of the purchases are on my sole IO account.

I’m sure many other people who caved in and bought Hitman 3 on EGS and would love to be able to move the game/games back to Steam, for many reasons.

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No information on that has been provided. Until IOI release some sort of info or someone buys it on Steam and finds out, we won’t know.


well, that’s why I created the thread - to, hopefully, get some answers.


Agree, would be fantastic! But no, they stated that it’s not possible.

I was thinking about buying the game on Steam (and I was ready to pay the full price again), but after finding out that the H3 progress can’t be carried over from Epic to Steam - no, thank you.

What’s the point of having the game always online (sometimes maintenance and connection issues bothered me a lot in Hitman 3) if it does not give any perks and the progress on the same IOI account can’t be simply transferred between two different stores on one platform? As a fan of Hitman series, I’m completely disappointed in the decision not giving players ability to transfer their hard-earned progress.