Hitman 3 limited edition Displate showcase

Just wanted to make a topic for people who managed to get the limited edition Hitman 3 Displate to showcase them, I love the amount of attention to detail these have and just how much care was put into them.

The plate itself is nicely textured and lovely to touch and the packaging is the best I’ve seen from a company, with them even giving a cleaning wipe to clear off fingerprints and a protective screen for walls when you place the plate up. I really hope to see more Hitman inspired posters like this in the future, especially if they are done with the same care as this one.


Yes yes yes! Mine came today, had a quick look over it and I agree with you, attention to detail is unreal.

I’ll add some pictures when I get it up on the wall, only 200 made as well and as far as I can see they’ve now sold out, wonder how long they were in stock for.


From what I heard, it wasn’t a long time at all. I was wondering whether to wait for a little bit, I’m glad I went against my initial thought.

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MrFreeze2244 has uploaded an video of his on Twitter earlier today: https://twitter.com/MrFreeze2244/status/1359151487692247040

Here is a picture of the second limited edition Hitman 3 Displate.

Hitman displate

Definitely worth the price I say.