Hitman 3 maps not included in Hitman 3?

Hello there,
recently, there has been a steam sale for hitman 3, which I bought. However, for some reason,
I have only access to hitman 1 maps, and a single escalation in dubai. How can I fix this?

Have you accidentally downloaded the free starter pack instead of the full game “Hitman World of Assassination”?

I have no clue. I just looked up Hitman 3 on steam, bought the game literally named “HITMAN 3” and expected to be able to play hitman 3 maps. I checked and it added 4 products to my library. Everything installed, still only access to hitman 1 maps

Sounds like you purchased Part One - which is only access to the first third of the trilogy - rather than the full game. In which case you’ll need to purchase the Upgrade pack to get the full trilogy: HITMAN World of Assassination Upgrade Pack on Steam

They have this infographic on Steam which tells you what is included with what package:


Im pretty sure I have the standard edition
these are the products added to my library

You’ve purchased Part One. If you had the Standard Edition, when you click the Upgrade pack above, you would see this:


So youre telling me hitman 3 doesnt have hitman 3 maps?

There is no Hitman 3 anymore. It’s one package with the entire trilogy. You purchased a product called “Part One”. Not “Parts One and Three”.

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what I bought was just “HITMAN 3”. Nowhere did it mention part one or something like that

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If you only have those four products in your library, you’ve definitely purchased Part One.

Hm, is it normal that I have access to a single escalation in dubai, then? It kinda seems like a bug but idk
Also, can I play in vr with part one if I have that? In steam it clearly says “supports vr” but on the comparison sheet it says it isnt included in part one

That escalation is available as kind of a demo thing so that’s normal.

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Good thing they have provided at least this.
But those Part NN things seems like more confusing (and appeared with no announce or clarification) than it was in the days with Standard, Semi-Standard, Double-Standard, Half-Deluxe and hundreds more editions


I said this before. IO should change the name of game to HITMAN World of Assassination. People see HITMAN 3 on steam and get mislead.