Hitman 3 maps on master mode

Had anyone spotted any differences between Professional and Master mode on the Hitman 3 maps? Differences besides being spotted quicker and running footsteps being heard. Differences like extra guards and cameras. I haven’t seen any differences but maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

There are slight item differences in the maps too (the same items just on master there are fewer)

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You’re not alone. I too, have seen nothing extra in terms of guards and cameras

I feel bad saying this, but it feels like IOI is either streamlining things too much for casual players or they were lazy on master mode this time.


Hmmm, I haven’t bothered to check for extra guards or cameras… good idea.

I’m hoping lack of master challenges or changes leads to a return of “pro mode” from Hitman 1 down the line, in a monthly content patch. That’s my glass half full thought process.


Don’t you want us players to pay for the update instead in all your other threads, you want Paid DLC this, Paid DLC that, and generally have no idea about how to design a level, but ‘assume’ it costs a lot. So should be not get Sniper assassin missions, or should we pay for those as well?

I genuinely don’t understand what you’re saying to me here.


ok. People who preach paid DLC then deny that understand later on, either do drugs or something else is wrong

The extra guards and cameras are my least favorite part of master mode to be honest, it feels like an artificial difficulty hike. Professional feels like the way the levels were designed to be played in terms of enforcers, cameras, item placement, etc., but I really like the footsteps and bloody disguise components of master difficulty and would play it more if those were the extent of the changes.

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I am not proposing pro mode as a paid DLC, I even specifically said “monthly content patch.” So again I have no idea what you are saying to me. Not trying to be snarky, I just don’t get it.


I was avoiding Master in H3 because it was solid in the 2016 game and H2 :joy::joy:

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Considering this trilogy has added free content monthly after each game’s release and we got the pro difficulty for free previously, I don’t see why you’d assume this was a mention of paid DLC.


I forgot about bloody disguises and differently placed items

Yeah, it was really obnoxious in Hitman 2016 when it first released, you’d have to KO half the map because they carried all the rat poison, key cards, etc.

Well it also removes a lot of the challenge to have 10 biolab keycards sitting around in random places. I think that kind of thing is exactly how to do a harder difficulty, personally. I dislike having one save but aside from that I would play on master/pro all the time in H1 at least. I remember H2 being not as good at master changes.

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For me it’s more of a challenge to not knock out NPCs and sneak around them, which is why I like to find disguise bags hidden in the map rather than go straight for an NPC KO to get the disguise. I feel the same way about the items, master mode in 2016 often led to me knocking out tons of NPCs which feels less professional to me.

I wouldn’t mind putting those items in sight lines of an enforcer, or reducing the number, it just breaks immersion for me when the only way to find a wrench or rat poison is by knocking someone out.

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Fair points. It’s funny because I’d say I’m more into the stealth aspects of Hitman than the puzzle aspects, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about item placement and whatnot. I don’t know though, it just bugs me when the thing you need is sitting right next to the thing you need it for. It feels like those “complete the level for me” blocks in the newer Mario games I guess.

The real difficulty is and always will be in the challenges and escalations though, with this modern series, so it’s not a huge deal really.