Hitman 3 mission editor

I wonder if Hitman 3 will have an option for mission editing. If devs added this in contract mode, it would be the best thing in the world, it would make each contract unique. I’ve read some topics commenting on this, and people say it is difficult to do. But I believe not, because I am not talking about building maps, but rather changing the positions of items and NPCs (standing people or guards, without moving), or even adding a surveillance camera on a wall, since in the main mission it does not exist. Or an option to be able to reallocate the camera servers. This would be insane !!

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Highly doubt it. It would be too complicated even to do what you’re saying (and maybe only possible in PC?)

They could do an editor like the Fallout 4 one, but i doubt that will be a thing


I think changing position of items, or stuff like that, is possible for the dev point of view. In this case, they have to create a user interface to edit map. Minimal changes for a game as Hitman are significant, so this hypothetical editor will be simple but able to widely extend the already wide longevity of the game. I like the idea. Some month ago, i’ve suggested something similar (advanced option for randomizing a mission)

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I think some edits are relatively simple to manage. Obviously I speak about the most simple ones. Even an old game as Tenchu 2 had an editor on Playstation. Anyway, i don’t think we’ll receive something like that, but I think it could be wonderful.

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You are mistaken my friend. Several games have a similar system, like Fallout 4 , Ark Survival, Rust, etc . And everyone that I mentioned is multiplataform (xbox,ps4,pc). There are many games old scholl that have this one too. Develop a system that could realocate or add, a item or static NPC in a map , would be easy task for devs. I sure this.

you can’t possibly know that. you don’t know how their scripting works and what may break it. you don’t know how much memory is there actually left for it to run stable. and this would obviously require lots of testing and bug fixes as well as designing a proper user interface.

don’t get me wrong, i’d like such an idea to be implemented but you underestimate the work that would go into it

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Even though adding certain items and cameras is nice, changing NPC routes is somewhat tricky. I believe this is something IOI is specifically avoiding, and I’ll explain why:
The majority of the “popular” contracts are short, easy, and have names like “ez platinum”, “fast gamescore”, etc.
If custom NPCs became a thing, there would be thousands of low-effort, short contracts that you can beat in a few seconds, that way making better contracts harder to find.
Plus, IOI makes NPCs somewhat with Contracts in mind, making specific and complex routes to allow players to create complicated contracts with them as the targets, so I don’t find custom NPC routes that necessary.
But custom item placing and/or a “retrieve specific item” condition? Those are features the community has been asking IOI to implement for years and I think it’d be nice for them to do so in the final chapter of the trilogy.


I don’t think there will be any feature like this, as it’s not usual to IOI to share their tools with the community.

Plus with all the bugs that emerged from the previous installments, it might make things worse by editing anything related to levels…

Also, there’s already a very long list of fan requested features that’s still pending and that would be more interesting to add before a level editor (gameplay, AI features, …) :+1:

Only a few months into Hitman 3 and this is almost fully possible with the help of modding tools :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the future is bright