Hitman 3 modding question

I have seen a few mods for Hitman 3 where it replaces 47’s head with another person.

  • Reiper, Lucas grey etc allowing you to switch to different disguises without reverting back to 47

Is it possible to edit the mods that only replace 47 original costume (so even though it changes the 47 head the moment you switch disguise his head reverts back to normal) so like the sean rose mod - Sean Rose Outfit Replaces 47 Signature Suit at Hitman 3 Nexus - Mods and community

Is it possible to edit this to only replace 47’s head so when you switch disguises with the sean rose model he wont then change back into 47

We have a lot of mods gathered in a special thread, you may want to look into it, maybe you’ll find there something similar to what you’re looking for.
Thread is here:

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Probably possible but please don’t release any suit/model replacement mods


Maybe I’ll disappoint you but there are already loads of “replacement” mods exist

the Sean Rose mod is already a suit replacement mod.
I was asking if there is anyway to just make it a replacement mod for 47s head only like alot of other good mods out there.
That way it allows you to keep the head of Sean Rose while changing disguises

True! They all suck.

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