HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Not only possible, but has been done multiple times


Thanks. I’ll consider this for when I go offline (I’m still waiting for the final set of unlocks that I think are GOTY related).

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Once again I emerge from my lonesome cave to present my newest masterpiece: Blood Money Default Loadout


That’s fantastic. If I can offer any possible suggestions for updates, is there a way that when using SMF, we can choose what to include in the default loadout amongst those items? That explosive is gonna be a pain for a lot of routes!

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Eventually maybe, I have plans to update some of my mods to have options anyway. Thanks for the suggestion!


Breaking changes
  • contentFolder and blobsFolder are now contentFolders and blobsFolders

    • "contentFolder": "bla""contentFolders": ["bla"]
  • requirement options have been superseded by conditional options

    • "mods": ["Atampy26.EpicMod"]"condition": "\"Atampy26.EpicMod\" in config.loadOrder"
  • toChunk is now a number, not a string

    • "toChunk": "chunk2""toChunk": 2
  • managedFilesAndFolders in update JSONs is no longer used, instead it simply finds the folder with the correct ID in its manifest

    • Simply remove managedFilesAndFolders from any update JSONs; if you were following best practices you shouldn’t need to do anything else
  • runtimePackages have been removed

    • Use dependencies if that’s what you were using runtime packages for, otherwise use a content folder

I love the Simple Mod Framework. It’s such a great tool for managing available and installed mods, possibly the best mod manager I’ve ever used.

From the looks of it, SMF 2.0 brings some cool new features and improvements, that I’m looking forward to.
Unfortunately, older mods need to be updated to work with SMF 2.0, as you wrote above. While I do hope, that most mods will be made compatible, I fear that some mods might never get updated, which would be a shame.

Now I’m wondering, if SMF could update mods itself.
Would it be possible to have an algorithm, that goes through old, exisiting mods and changes them, so that they are compatible with SMF 2.0?


I’ve just uploaded this file to the release on GitHub; drag any mod’s manifest.json file onto it and it’ll update it to work with 2.0.0.


Thanks you very much, that was really quick. :grinning:
The updater works fantastic and my exisiting mods are now compatible with SMF 2.0. Great work!

Some mods show up as “may” or “will likely cause issues”, but after some inital testing, I haven’t found any problems. So far everything works as expected.

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Updated most of my released SMF mods to SMF 2.0
No drastic changes included, however some patches have been updated to quickentity 3.0 to increase speed on larger entities.
More hats update TBD, as I need to convert them to patches, as well as add more outfit variations. Updating RPKG mods to SMF eventuallly.


Question to modders: it would be possible to make a mod which changes which NPC are enforcers in an existing mission? I searched on Nexus but found nothing for the term ‘enforcer’.

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Yes, it is perfectly possible.


Thanks, this could be my first mod when I’ll be waiting for the next hitman game.

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Is it possible to mod in a map in the set up / planning screen of each mission where we can see on the map where all the starting and pickup / stash locations? This is especially useful for maps like Mumbai where there are so many locations to start from.

Is there a reason I could be getting this when starting up the Mod Manager? At first I thought maybe my firewall was blocking it, but it was still happening at launch when I briefly completely disabled the firewall so nothing should’ve been blocking it.

That may happen if a mod manifest lists an update link/file that doesn’t actually exist. I’m sure there are other reasons too

That could be it since some of the update links are not defined so I guess it just causes the whole thing to fall apart and SMF reports back that the entire process failed, rather than just saying some can’t be automatically checked.

Mods without update checks work fine. I think this instance is because the update link defined in the manifest is a URL that doesn’t exist.

I’ve just gone through and manually checked every mod I’ve got in SMF - every single one that has a URL defined, the json file its linked to exists.

But whatever the issue was, I seem to have fixed it. I removed all the folders from the Mods folder, opened the Mod Manager, then closed it, moved it all back, reopened the Mod Manager and all is well.

Time of Day Mod 1.6.3 - SMF 2 + Freelancer CTT

This mod has now been updated for the official SMF 2 that was released while I was away. If you have a version of SMF that can mod the CTT, then this mod will also apply to the Freelancer versions of maps

Will slowly update the rest of my mods in coming weeks

EDIT: Haven’t tested all variations, have noticed that Night Paris does not look good indoors :confused:
Not 100% sure why just yet, won’t be rushing for a fix at this stage