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originally from @Gamemotives

Hello everyone!

Before you start reading, please be aware, that this may not work on your computer.
I’m even not sure if it will work on any different computer than mine.
That’s why I would like you to test it and let me know.

As some of you know, players who use NVIDIA can use Ansel to move the camera a little and take screenshots. It’s cool, but there are more demanding users, like me. So I was looking for a way to fully unlock the camera like in Hitman: Blood Money or previous titles. There was no easy solution.

The only thing I found was a walk-around using Ansel. Using this: Hitman 2 Free-cam finally possible (Nvidia-only) you can fly around the map and pause/unpause the game. But it wasn’t something I wanted to use while creating HiTMAN the cinematic movie. Why? You couldn’t move 47 while in Ansel mode, and when you disable Ansel the camera returns to the original position.

So, I started creating my own free-cam mode. I spent several days, but with God’s help and a bit of luck (and I was nearly to forget about this project) … I FOUND THE WAY to move the camera and 47 at the same time. (See the video)

For now, you can lock the camera angles and move 47 independently. In the future, I want to add other features like pause, maybe even I’ll manage to disable all HUD items.


Game Version: 2.72.0
Maps: training missions + World of Tomorrow, but other missions should work as well.

[How to use it?]

  1. You need to download CheatEngine.
  2. Download the cheat table from here .
  3. Run the game, open CheatEngine
  4. Go to File–>Open Process–>Select HITMAN 2–>Open
  5. Click on the yellow folder (top-left) and open the cheat table

Now, below you see some items, I’ll describe it briefly

[Table Content]
Freeze CamPos X - Forward, backward movement blocker
Freeze CamPos Y - Left, right movement blocker
Freeze CamPos Z - Up, down movement blocker
Select all to freeze the camera completely.

Freeze CamRotation - This blocks all rotation using your mouse, BUT ALSO you cannot move 47 with your mouse so you are stuck with your keyboard. Still, it’s better than nothing ;).

Freeze Character - It blocks 47. You can still see his animation, but he walks without moving a bit. Unfortunately, the camera freezes as well allowing you to only rotate around one point. You can use it to record some creative starting scenes (as I presented at the beginning of the video).

You can move the camera around (X, Y, Z) using your keyboard. It’s not smooth and I don’t think there is a way to make it smooth (any code injection experts here?). You should use the Ansel solution for that.

You cannot move your mouse, select a destination, and fly towards. You can only move around using game-world coordinates. IT may be possible to achieve that effect like in Ansel, but I’m too stupid to do that.

Num 8 - Forward
Num 5 - Backward
Num 4 - Left
Num 6 - Right
Num 7 - Down
Num 9 - Up

Num 1 - Toggle block X
Num 2 - Toggle block Y
Num 3 - Toggle block Z
Num 0 - Toggle rotation block



This is also a great camera tool


Archive of the original thread from the old forum: HITMAN 2 - Modding Thread


this guy made a free-roam (flying + noclip) mod


Does anyone knows how to make functioning Gear Editor mod?

Everything functions as it does. The file opens, I can choose the item, but when I restart a mission, 47 keeps the same loadout as previous one, nothing changes.
The mod is said to work with latest patch. It seems that I get DX12, but when I “downgrade” the game to use DX11, it doesn’t change anything. Any help? Thank you

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I don’t think that mod works anymore, it would need to be updated unfortunately.

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Well I see, thanks for the answer. I’ll see if someone manages to get it work or updated…

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YES! I’ve been waiting for something like this forever!
I’d love to explore more out-of-bounds areas but methods until now have been really janky and difficult to control.


Not sure how much this one differs, but it’s been around for quite some time. I’ve been using it for quite a while.


What happened to s4xon’s rpkgtools?

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They deleted their github account I think. Not sure why.

Laying low due to takedowns.


All Missions Offline with Mission Difficulties Mod for HITMAN III

Check post #85 for details about my version of the mod.

Original Post:
G’day everyone. It’s been a long while since the last time I posted on the old Hitman Forum.
I wonder if anyone has learned something new, interesting and exciting related to modding while I was away.
I know it’s now possible to replace models, I think there’s a new way to do texture mods, there’s a mod manager now and a handy tool for editing the game’s items, missions, etc.

Since HITMAN III will be an Epic exclusive for a year, I want the Steam users (who chose to wait) to know that mods for HITMAN 2 exist so I wrote a guide that contains a comprehensive list of mods I know of:

In case the archived forum gets lost to time and just for convenience sake really, I included a list of my posts I reckon would be handy, informational or interesting:

Getting Noesis to recognise TEXD files

Since the files in the TEXD folder are now .TEXD files, the plugin can not recognise them as it only detects .vap and .dat files.

Fortunately, this can be easily fixed by editing the tex_Hitman2_PC_dat_vap.py file with any text editor.

Open up the Python file and add “;.TEXD” after “.vap” in the fourth line of code.
The modified file should look like this:

3.  def registerNoesisTypes():
4.      handle = noesis.register("Hitman 2 [PC]", ".dat;.vap;.TEXD")

If done correctly, Noesis should be able to open up and export .TEXD files now.

I think 47 needs to have his left oral commissure checked out

Editing Campaign Menu + Holiday Missions & Sniper Assassin playable offline

I figured out how to edit the menu (specifically the Campaigns menu) that grants me access to replay the Snow Festival mission and playing Sniper Assassin offline. For personal use of course.

The target, the decorations and the mission itself are all here:

Here’s the Himmelstein mission being playable in Offline Mode.
It seems that offline saves doesn’t carry the progression over from online saves.

The sniper missions shouldn’t be live content in my opinion.

(MOD) 47's Barcode

Since nobody have shared a texture mod that gives numbers to 47’s barcode, I decided to make one myself and I’m quite pleased with the results:

I have this mod for myself for a while now actually and only just yesterday did I build up the confidence to share it online. You can get it from Nexus here: Numbered Barcode at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community

Before I successfully created my texture mod though...

This happened when I didn’t read the instructions carefully and did hex editing wrong lol.
The further the camera is away from 47’s face, the positioning of the texture gets even worse.
bad1 bad2
And this also happens when you use the exported .dds file with an incorrect format which I did out of curiosity and definitely not because I was confused and desperate after doing hex editing wrong.
Introducing Glitched 47:

Restoring The Brothers

Well if we can’t add the elusive targets to the menu instead of replacing the main missions, we can always add the unused ones instead. I was right about The Brothers.

They’re definitely the other two Caruso brothers.
Images of them may not exist, all I get are names and descriptions. A briefing video does exist though.

Here they are in the flesh, the mission is meant to be in night time but I accidentally put in the wrong map to load so they’re just standing there.

If I load the correct map though, they do actually move on their own with their own dialogue, surrounded by bodyguards. They appear to be occupying that storage room near the food stands.

The Brothers Briefing

Briefing Video:
HITMAN - Unused Elusive Target: The Brothers - YouTube

Renzo Caruso

Renzo Caruso the oldest of the three Caruso brothers, and by far the most unhinged. Five Years older than Orlando, he was always the subject of intense attention from Isabella Caruso, who repeatedly called him “her biggest disappointment” while showering her attention on the youngest brother, Silvio. Renzo left Sapienza, taking Orlando with him, and became one of the most feared enforcers and sicarios for the Delgado cartel, with an infamous reputation for brutally torturing Cartle opponents.

Orlando Caruso

Orlando Caruso is the middle child of the Caruso family. He fled Sapienza to escape a controlling relationship with his mother, Isabella Caruso, leaving his bullied youngest brother, Silvio, behind. Orlando is intelligent and aggressive but suffers from the classic middle-child syndrome, exacerbated by his older brother’s borderline psychopathic nature. As an enforcer-cum-sicario for the Delgado cartel, he is the deal maker, relying on this older brother to deliver brutal violence as and when necessary.

Look what have you done Mrs. Caruso, you made two of your sons into monsters.

HITMAN 2's Four Unused Missions

So I placed all the unreleased missions from KevinRudd’s screenshot that aren’t ass races and “cancelled/early” Patient Zero missions and sadly, only four missions were recognised and can be selected in the campaign menu. The rest are blank and unselectable.

First one is White Man’s Burden and it apparently has the same ID as Embrace of the Serpent.
Blair Reddington was indeed originally an elusive target before the mission became a special assignment.
There wasn’t a second objective that requires picking up his black book.
While I couldn’t get the elusive version of the map to load, the mission should be pretty much the same as the final version.

Second one is “The Last Word” and it’s the early version of The Author that was meant to be for Landslide.
Craig Black was a target but the second target didn’t seem to have been made at the time and was left blank. The third objective was originally collecting a PDA that contained unfinished manuscript before it turned into a virus sample. The game will crash if I attempt to load the mission. Craig Black had no portrait but his description was different compared to the final version:

Craig Black (ET)
Craig Black (Final)

Third mission is Negroni (The Brothers), as some of you may have already known by now, and it’s playable and seems completed aside from missing portraits and thumbnail for the characters and the briefing video respectively.
No idea why IO haven’t release this to the public yet, people would love a ‘new’/lost ET even if it’s in a Legacy map again. And hey, it would prevent us from able to select it through the menu as an additional mission like the other ETs lol.

Last mission, Amber Side Mission Prototype, seems to be an edited version of World of Tomorrow with two additional objectives.
While we get to kill Caruso, De Santis and destroy the virus as normal, we would also kill a target named Gualtiero Bianchi and destroy a meth lab. No descriptions for both new objectives.
As the code name suggests, maybe IO was trying to implement some kind of side mission to a main mission like WoT?
I couldn’t get it to play as there’s no entrance to select which will cause the game to crash.

What happens if the REPO file is empty

So I tried removing Dino Bosco from the REPO file and that does nothing.
Removing everything on that file does though but it doesn’t remove NPCs.
What it does is that it removes images, names and descriptions on the prep menu:

Loading the map still works surprisingly but it seems that no collectable items can be found and there’s no drinks that you can slip poison into. Disguises are still there though. Your inventory will be empty when you start the mission.
That reminds me, what if I do something illegal in front of the guards since there’s no weapons?

Oh no…
But interesting to note is that if they don’t T-Pose™ at 47, they’ll walk up to him and throws a QTE fist at him instead. Reminds me of the bar fight from Absolution.

I suppose we can conclude that the REPO file basically deals with the images, names and descriptions of targets, weapons, gear, starting and smuggling areas, and attributes/stats of items and weapons.
We have to find another file type that are related to the NPCs if we want to change or remove them.

The Icon in the day

Trying to play World of Tomorrow with the movie set from The Icon is unstable unfortunately, it’s prone to crash. Even loading the map and picking up anything can crash sometimes.
I guess there won’t be a scenario of playing World of Tomorrow while a movie is being recorded which forces you to infiltrate the mansion in another way or playing The Icon as usual but during the day time.

I did get some screenshots out of it though, the lighting is quite unique but not at all natural in some areas and sometimes broken. That’s to be expected, of course.

Imagine living right next to a noisy movie set with an annoying director:

It seems they’ve blocked areas to Caruso’s mansion and the cave, even the tunnel was indestructible:

What the blocked areas look like from behind:

Had a shadow of a mushroom following me:

More Screenshots

It's not possible to have coloured item icons

I was wondering if I could replace or colour in the weapon and item icons for the inventory menu so I painted the icon for Red-Tie Kiwi with just simple colours and added an apricot to check if I actually made any difference when I load the edited image in the game.

It did, there’s an apricot next to the Kiwi now but but it turns out that the game was coded to automatically fill these icons with white.

It was even inverted and given outlines when hidden in a briefcase, including the apricot if you notice closely.

I get that it’s meant to match with the minimalist style of the game, I just like to have the icons shown as renders. There’s a bunch of them:

The Sarajevo Six don't exist

Unfortunately, there’s no such entities or bricks for us the load up The Sarajevo Six.
The scripts for the missions are there and there’s even information of them in the REPO file but we can’t add them to the maps and if we add the missions to the menu, they’re displayed as blanks as if they’re unrecognisable.

(MOD) Embrace Of The Three-Headed Serpent

Ever wanted to assassinate three of Colombia’s most infamous crime lords while taking out a poacher who hunts endangered animals at the same time? Well now you can with this mod I just made available:

This mod combines both the objectives from Three-Headed Serpent and Embrace of the Serpent into one big contract for Santa Fortuna. Includes the lighting from Embrace of the Serpent and most Mission Stories still works as normal from Three-Headed Serpent.

You can get my mod from Nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/hitman2/mods/37
Requires the Special Assignments Pack 1 DLC to be installed of course and as discussed before, modded missions can only be played offline.

Known Issues
  • When I added the Village Bus Stop as an entrance location from Three-Headed Serpent, it’s unavailable to select due to requiring online mode for some reason.
    No idea why it does that when it’s available just fine in Three-Headed Serpent.

  • The map from Embrace of the Serpent doesn’t have the box that contains the circuit board and thus, this mission story can not be completed. You can always kill Jorge Franco in other ways however.

I would include The Revolutionary if I could but you know how IOI will feel if I do that.
C’mon guys, please make Elusive Targets officially replayable!

(MOD) The Showstopper: Holiday Edition

Merry Christmas from Australia, everybody.
Santa has delivered a present for you:

The Showstopper: Holiday Edition

This mod edits the following missions:

  • The Showstopper - The map has been given a massive holiday makeover from Holiday Hoarders so if you ever wanted to assassinate Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis where Paris is celebrating Christmas, go for it.

  • Holiday Hoarders - Not only do you get to kill Harry and Marv, this mission now features Viktor and Dalia as additional targets.

This mod will be testing the waters since due to some dumb reasons, Holiday Hoarders can’t be played offline unlike HITMAN 2016 so in order to access that mission, I edited the campaign menu so you can access that mission.

Also, Holiday Hoarders has been edited to enable saving. It may seem redundant since you can’t do challenges in Offline Mode but the mission now has four targets so… not really.

You can grab the mod here: The Showstopper - Holiday Edition at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community

Remember, mods like these can only be played in offline mode and of course, you need to own the Legacy Pack and have Paris installed.

Since I got HITMAN 2 freshly installed, I’ve got plans to combine The Finish Line with A Silver Tongue, and Another Life with A Bitter Pill like I did with my Embrace Of The Three-Headed Serpent mission mod.
I don’t think I will do the same for the Mumbai missions since Rangan’s tower will be obstructed.
I still remember I’ve yet to release an update to my The Showstopper - Holiday Edition mod with a new mission where you have to find and kill Santa Klaus. No guarantees but it’s something I might do one day.

Check post #53 and #244 for JSON file names.
Check post #54 and #62 for VR / First Person Mode.
Check post #63 for forcing destructive physics on Dartmoor.
Check post #536 for the Extra Starting Locations mod.


Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve last been here, but I recently figured out how to get jedijosh920’s NPC Disguise Mod work in Hitman 3.

What you need to do is use a hex editor with Little Endian support to edit H2DisguiseNPC.exe. I recommend HxD.

Ctrl+R and search and replace HITMAN2.exe with HITMAN3.exe. Be sure to set the text encoding to Unicode, aka UTF-16 little endian.

This is is all just preliminary findings, and things are subject to break. Be careful not to use any gameplay effecting mods online to tamper with leaderboards and such.


So Mods from 2 works exactly the same with HITMAN 3 ?

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You mean Player Models, right?

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There are a few mods on Nexus that replaces models of items, weapons and even some vehicles.
Not just player models and I’m not talking about the NPC Disguise mod or Grey, Knight and Stone suits.