Tweaking/lowering player health for a hardcore experience

There is only one thing really that I would like to add to this game and that is an increase in dmg taken from gunshots. I really want to be forced to avoid shootouts at all times. Being able to take one bullet or two at most from a pistol seems fair enough and would really enhance the tension when you have to fight.
If somone know of a mod that tweaks the dmg this way or could make such a mod I would very much appreciate it.
Is it possible to tweak player and npc health values and similiar stuff in some txt file?

It is possible to adjust certain things to some degree, but not quite everything.
QuickEdit is a pretty helpful and powerful tool that can do some of the things that you want.

Additionally, you may want to look at the modding thread for more detailed info:

There are also other great resources for HITMAN modding, such as the modding discord, which is generally considered more active than the modding thread:


I just treat any combat as a rip.

Try Master Mode, the damage from shots there is reduced.

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Master difficulty does decrese health, however I have no clue about modding :slight_smile:

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I looked through quickedit last night but could find any way of tweaking recieved damage. Maybe I missed some feature of it?

And other people, I always play master mode but still feel that the combat is way too forgiving as it is now