QuickMod - a mod manager for Hitman 2 and 3

Welcome to QuickMod, a mod manager for Hitman 2 and 3. It allows you to store any number of mods, and enable and disable them at will. You can control the load order of mods easily and have as many as you like.

It also comes with a major feature: the Mod Explorer!

The Mod Explorer

The Mod Explorer lets you download any mod in a curated series from within QuickMod.

It also includes a few mods not seen anywhere else:

Exclusives (H2)

  • Fight Club (by me) deletes all NPC weapons, forcing guards to fistfight you (or T-pose on you).
  • A Case Most Peculiar is the second episode of @musicalmushr00m’s Special Assignment Pack, building on the storyline from The New Army.
  • Amasia Robbery is a custom escalation made by @Falling_cherry (who has not yet re-created their account), consisting of three levels of increasing difficulty.

You can also access the Mod Explorer online here.

If you’d like your mod(s) included, fill out this form for each of them.

The H2Mod/H3Mod Format

In addition to importing RPKG files and downloading from the Mod Explorer, mods can be added using a new format: H2Mod/H3Mod.

If you’ve ever modded Skyrim or Fallout, you probably know of the FOMOD system, which allows people to select options and variants in a visual installer. This is a simplified version of that.

Effectively, you can define a name, description and image for your mod, as well as any variants (and screenshots of those variants) and QuickMod will handle the installation process for you, automatically using the metadata you provide and prompting the user for which variant they’d like to select.

All mods in the Mod Explorer are distributed in the H2Mod/H3Mod format. Send me a message if you’d like a H2Mod/H3Mod file created for your mod, or follow this guide to make one yourself.



Download link (for Hitman 2)
Download link (for Hitman 3)

Once that’s downloaded, extract the ZIP file to any folder you like, then run QuickMod.exe.

Note: Please, for the love of god, do not run the program directly from the ZIP file/7zip/whatever program you use.

It will prompt you to select your game directory and then ask you a few questions. After that, you can use QuickMod.

If the file gives you a message saying ‘Windows protected your PC’, click ‘More info’ and then ‘Run anyway’. Windows doesn’t like files that haven’t been downloaded by a lot of people, so it sometimes flags them as suspicious.


You can import any RPKG files you like (or H2Mod/H3Mod files if you have any), or download mods through the Mod Explorer.

Enable the mods you want in your game and customise their load order (mods closer to the bottom overwrite those at the top), then click ‘Deploy Mods’, which will apply the mods you’ve selected.

If all goes well, you’ll be given a success message and you’ll be able to play modded Hitman!

Note: Make sure to run the file from Explorer. Don’t pin it to the taskbar or use a shortcut.


Old thread (thank you @Notex for archiving)


@DrMekar’s The Analyst has been added to the Mod Explorer:

The first Elusive Target of Season 2 takes place in Columbia. The target is Flint Montay, an analyst and drug manufacturer working for the Delgado cartel, who discovered a new method to create cocaine, which quickly made the cartel Columbia’s biggest drug manufacturer.

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If you’ve finished the last custom ET from @DrMekar then I have good news: The Technician & The Constable has been added to the Mod Explorer:

The second ET takes place in Sapienza. The targets are Maurice Konsandro, a former movie producer, and Alan, a corrupt cop, who used to break bones for the famous loan shark Damek McGarret, also known as Silverfish.

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Apparently @DrMekar never sleeps because here’s another custom ET - The Salesman, The Competitors & The Dealer has been added to the Mod Explorer:

The third ET, which serves to honor my first mod, the Elusive Four, takes place in Marrakesh. There are 4 targets, Benjamin Iskott, the sucessful but drug-addicted salesman, Patricia Karen and Tabitha Luise Pancras, two sales women for our client’s competitor and lastly Thadeus Roltimus, the drug dealer of Iskott.

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@Atampy26 Hi, friend, can you email the file to me? My network conditions do not allow me to download the file (quickmod.zip) in the link you gave. ([email protected]) :joy:

The file size is too big for email. I can upload it to Gofile if you like.

Also you may want to PM me instead.

hey @Atampy26 is there a way to change the Hitman installation folder? I cant make the program ask for the new location again.

There’s no feature in QuickMod currently that lets you do that. However, %appdata%\quickmod\storage\quickmod.json holds all of QuickMod’s settings. You can change the game folder by editing "gameDirectory": "<your folder here>". Make sure you replace the backslashes (\) with double backslashes (\\).

thank you kind kind sir! side note: your work is amazing!

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Oh, well, thank you for your help. I’ll try gofile. :v:But I don’t often use gofile, please forgive me for some rookie practices.

Here you go: Gofile

Downloading, thank you for your help! :ok_hand:

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Finished the last custom ET from @DrMekar yet? No? Too bad, here’s The Brothers:

The fourth ET takes place in Mumbai. The targets are the Kulkrani brothers, two famous online scammers who made millions on their scams and now hide out into the slums of Mumbai, until the heat surrounding them is lifted.

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@Atampy26 i have a problem and i don’t know how to fix it. I’m selecting the mods in quickmod and I’m trying to deploy them and i have this error (screenshot in the attachment) PLS HELP MEEE

What does your QuickMod folder look like? And are you running it from its folder in Explorer?

OK OK I know that I made a mistake but how to reinstall this program to reset all paths. I tried to delete quickmod folder and download it again and install it properly but it didn’t work. What’s interesting, I saw, that my downloaded mods were still here (like the paths didn’t reset after reinstalling)

And yeah i’m running it from explorer and i made a shortcut to the .exe file on desktop

i also tried to delete mods in quickmod but when i’m clicking delete i see the warning and nothing happens

Ok, so it seems your QM install has had its storage desynced with the mods folder (likely by you removing the folder and redownloading), preventing pretty much anything from working. Try clicking on the background and typing reset - a window should appear asking you if you want to reset QuickMod.

Ok, I did what you said, and when i’m trying to deploy mods - the same error appears

Maybe deleting the quickmod folder in %appdata% should help?

Well, that’s what resetting should do anyway, but try that.

I solved this problem just by deleting the folder in %appdata%. Thank you very much for help.

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