HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Na-ah, I checked all the folders and even a few subfolders in AppData, but still nothing.

Wait, are the QuickEdit and Mod Manager one the same thing?
I’m talking about Mod Manager, I have no QuickEdit installed

I mean QuickMod, not QuickEdit. Whoops

Edit: And the folder is QuickMod, not Mod Manager

I was talking about this thing, I see old forum is anavailable now, so maybe you don’t remember it


Also can you tell me when you do it? I’ve been waiting on it all day and night because I’m so bored it’s like the only thing I’m looking forward to right now


Does anyone know how to modify the properties of an item? I’m trying to add the lethal chewing gum into the game, but somehow when NPC eat it, it does nothing. So I think I have to change the properties of that item to make it works or something like that…

Ohh you’re using the legacy one I made.

I absolutely do not recommend that you continue to use it - if you don’t already know I made a new one, QuickMod, that works far, far better and also has integrated downloads and exploring - QuickMod - a mod manager for Hitman 2. Also the old one randomly breaks your game, requiring you to verify files.


The chewing gums don’t work. Also, item properties like that (giving NPCs status effects) can’t be changed.

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Hey everyone.
I was trying to run offline experience refined mod (or what is it called), but when I go offline, it doesn’t work. How do I launch it? Do I need to go to offline mode when game is loading or how?

What exactly do you mean by ‘doesn’t work’? And yes, you do need to be go offline when the game starts. You can also opt-out in Privacy to always go offline.

Bit late to drop this here but I may as well get it seen:

Install instructions are in the page description.


Finally! I wish I could say this was easy, but I had to muddle through about 3 layers of files in chunk1, and chunk 4 and patch them to patch0.rpkg. Not sure if all files are necessary, but it works! :partying_face:

As noted before, the file structure is unique to every .TEMP. This is how it works for this particular outfit. Others might have a longer or shorter file tree. Plus, since this one already has a lot of its files already in chunk0, none of the .MATI, .TEXDs, or .TEXTS, or .BORGs were needed in the patch.

File Structure

Agent Price

File references in
(All these files are patched to chunk0)
In chunk1 (Base Game)
1 .ASET (00A9AD805B92ED71)
2 .PRIM (006A14A7FFC89CE8 and 0076EAA77998B9DF)
2 .TEMP (007A1F55EF113696 and 00718E7022DD2D4F)
----These reference:
----In chunk1:
----1 MATT (00147B535D3AB1C3)
----2 PRIM (006A14A7FFC89CE8 and 006FF71C1CF2353F)
----1 TBLU (008C67CEF6B4B06B, Same as below)
--------This references:
--------1 MATB (00B7B9AEB5204857)
In chunk4 (Berlin):
1 .TBLU (0008FBA3E13C9FA1)
----This references:
----1 ASEB (00B1F416EEE92077)
----1 TBLU (008C67CEF6B4B06B, Same as above)


I finally came to this conclusion by going backward.
I first patched the .TBLU by itself since it was the main cause of crashing Berlin.
I tested the addresses in the .meta to discover they pointed elsewhere.
Which led me to patch the .ASEB and other .TBLU.
I also examined that .TBLU to see it pointed to the .MATB.
Patch and no crash. :astonished:
Next I added the .TEMP files. Crash.
Did the same process as before until all was well. :upside_down_face:

Now, I’m wondering if I could have just patched that one file from chunk4 to chunk 1? :thinking:
Edit: Nope. The long way it is… :roll_eyes:

What motivated me to finish the above. This was “easier” to figure out.


Oh my God,
Thank you for making this happen.
This made me soo happy :grin:
I didn’t really think you would take your time to do this.
Agian thanks.

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I have no life…
Plus, I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure things out before your request, why not push myself to the finish line by fulfilling someone’s request? :slightly_smiling_face:
I just hope my finding will encourage others to experiment as well. (Or use it to make a program that can streamline the workflow? :pray:)

I’m glad. :grinning:


This is really Awesome. Do you think you could do Walter Menard (Hilaire Durepos)? He’s the old Guy with the Black Suit and Yellow Golden Tie walking into Palace.

Also how high is the chance of Female Models over the Player Character?

I’ll look into it.


Switching out .TEMPs SEEM to inherit the same skeleton (.BORG, I believe?) but with either sex, depending on the facial structure, there still seems to be weird things that go on with eye and brow area.
Also, it still uses the footstep and clothing sounds of the outfit you’re replacing.

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Great :). I also added a Picture to give you 100% ID on the “Target”, heh.

Great News. Maybe you could attempt this on the Female Asian Pool Attendant in Haven, if you’re going to try it eventually. (She’s the one sitting on a Chair at the Pool. Can’t take a Picture right now for known reasons.)


Simple .TEMP swap since all essential files are already in chunk0. He was easy to find since I already documented his model because I found it interesting. :wink:
Which outfit do you want replaced?

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You too I see :joy:. I actually found him so intresting that he became the inspiration for one of my Characters without having been a Target before (Like Dr. Mario Connor and problably more soon.)

The Suburbian Suit with Gloves is one I never used before.

That was meant as way of saying that I want this one to be replaced. :sweat_smile:

Oh and this is the Female Model I was talking about.

Funny thing I found out.
I’m playing as Agent Price right now, when there is cutscene with The Constant on the train the model reverts to the normal but when you go back into the game you are back as Price.