QuickEdit - a mod editor for Hitman 2 and 3


Welcome to QuickEdit, a fully featured mod editor for Hitman 2 and 3!
You can adjust the properties of items and some of the game’s AI, and make any mission you like with the powerful yet simple Flow editor. Export your mod in H2Mod/H3Mod format (usable with QuickMod), an RPKG file for manual installation or JSON for advanced users.

You can add targets with names and choose whether they should be hidden in Instinct as well as a few other attributes, or you can choose the more advanced Flow editor to customise how the objective works in any way you want.

Want to create a mission in which you have to carry out a series of strange tasks like hitting Silvio Caruso with a wrench and trespassing on private property, all while a timer is ticking down, forcing you to kill non-targets to reset it? You can do that!

QuickEdit receives semi-regular updates. So far, when making missions you can:

  • Add either targets or Flow objectives
  • Configure the mission with a large number of parameters, like when exits should be enabled and what usually escalation-only features should appear in the map
  • Put together any combination of conditions, events, timers and states to create an objective for almost anything in the game through the Flow editor
  • Set an action to happen upon any combination of 55 events in addition to the standard “Player killed NPC” event, like trespassing, bodies being hidden, laptops being hacked or even when a taxi driver is distracted in Mumbai
  • Do all of the above through a user-friendly interface, on any playable non-sniper map

QuickEdit also has simple repository editing capabilities, allowing you to swap items around and replace items with other items. I plan to add full item editing soon.


Eliminate Rocco, except he’s not shown in Instinct.

Kill non-targets by snapping their neck to reset the 3-minute timer. Uses a lot of the more advanced features like States and Custom Conditions.


  • Missions created only work offline - just like all other mission mods.
  • QuickEdit handles all aspects of the creation process, from designing your mission to configuring it to exporting it in H2Mod/H3Mod or RPKG format. If you’d like more control over the process, you can use custom code snippets or export to JSON and make the final changes yourself.


  • IOI for making Hitman 2 and 3
  • @Kevin_Rudd for discovering so much about mission scripting
  • Logo by @musicalmushr00m, as well as ideas and beta testing
  • pawREP for ZHM5PatchBuilder


If you have a problem, you can post it in this thread or send me a private message. I’m usually quick to reply (well, when I’m not sleeping).


Just download QuickEdit and extract it to a folder, then run QuickEdit.exe. From there, the app will guide you through most things.

Note: Make sure to run the file from Explorer. Don’t pin it to the taskbar or use a shortcut.


Repository Search (Hitman 1)
Repository Search (Hitman 2)
Repository Search (Hitman 3)

All Missions Offline (required for H2 unused slots to work)
Offline Experience Refined (required for H3 unused slots to work)

QuickEdit Wiki
Old Thread (thank you @Notex)

Trello Board


I’ve just released QuickEdit 2.52 (release 233):


  • AI/Gameplay edits - you can now change how the game’s AI behaves using Edits, from hearing ranges to combat settings
  • Difficulty settings in Mission Configuration - you can now change which difficulties are available and apply custom bricks for each of them

Greetings! I came from nexu s about the “Realistic AI” mod. First of all, thank you very much for your work - this is a big step towards realism. But there is one thing that does not give rest to a large number of players. And if you don’t help with that ,I don’t even know who will. The problem is the lack of NPC response to broken cameras. The forums are filled with tearful requests from people to do something about it. (it may be worth clarifying that in hitman2016 this function seems to have been. I spent the night trying to edit a file from your mod to achieve a result, but nothing worked. A huge request to respond!

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Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is within my control. It’s likely a feature of the engine that was removed by IO.

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Have they ever reacted to it? I don’t remember.
Some of NPCs react to the bullet impact, but not to the fact the camera is broken

on pro difficulty in the 2016 game they did come to check out a broken camera


I’m new to modding, how do I get NPC UUIDs?

If you know their name, you can enter it directly into QuickEdit, or you can use QuickSearch to get the NPC’s UUID.

Welcome to QuickEdit 2.6 (release 234) - a friendlier and cleaner UI:


  • The buttons in the editor have been replaced by a sidebar (containing the same options)


  • A totally new landing page, with a focus on projects rather than on swapping mods in the editor
  • Mod types - choose between mission-only mods, edit-only mods and missions with edits. Options that aren’t relevant to your chosen type are hidden.

Thank you, that’s what I needed.

This New Version looks lit, so lit actually that I decided to try it out and make a Mod. I saved it up in H2Mod File Format and Enabled it, though Nothing is present Ingame.

What am I doing wrong? (I haven’t used the H2Mod File Format before.)

(The Other Mods don’t appear aswell, so I’m defenitly doing something wrong.)

Have you deployed your mods?

Yes, I have. Once when the Game was running and once when it didn’t.

Have you got a patched packagedefinition.txt? You can check with this tool - if the patchlevels are set to 10000 it’s OK. Otherwise, click Set Patch Levels and save it over the existing packagedefinition.txt (in Runtime).

Actually, this could be it. Since I made my last ET Mod about 2 Months ago, meaning before the Update.

I’ll let you know, if it still doesn’t work. Also when do I have to deploy my Mods?

Deploying only works properly if the game is closed.

Has anyone figured out how to add an objective where the player needs to be holding an item to exit the mission? Like in The McCallister Ransack escalation contract for example (I can’t find the json file for that one :frowning:).

The ItemPickedUp event works for testing when they get the item, and ItemRemovedFromInventory works for throwing and placing down via caps lock, but not for dropping.

There’s also ItemThrown which isn’t really needed since ItemRemovedFromInventory includes throwing, and I haven’t done much testing with ItemStashed and Gamechanger_Safe_Content_Destroyed which are sorta related, but probably not needed for the player dropping items.

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Certain objectives need helper “bricks” for them to register properly.
Like sticky pistol, or in your case, holding items to enable an exit.

However, these seem to really only work for the objectives they were designed for, and don’t really work at all on custom missions unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be possible to disable exits in a mission script by setting "Exits": [], but I don’t know how you’d switch between enabled and disabled at will.

Oh that’s too bad, but thank you lol