HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread


Take notes IO. Do it now.
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Next up is Light Mod GOTY Edition


Did you manage to fix Sapienza outside AND making the cave not so dark?


Sapienza is a lot less bloomy. Caves are still dark due to the unutilized CC changes, however when looking at bright objects in the cave you are a lot less blinded since the bloom/flares are less intense.

However, when OG Sapienza gets implemented with custom CC, you might see some more significant changes regarding that. I’m really excited to be able to implement something like that.

Waiting on the RPKG god to bless us with a new update, so I can finish my work on that front.

Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


QuickEdit now has Hitman 3 support!


RPKG v2.6 Changelog:

  • Brick Editor:
    • Multiple bricks now load if the main TEMP depends on them
    • Recursive TEMP dependencies
      • Editor keeps track of what TEMPs you have edited
    • H1 & H2 support for entity/brick (TEMP) editing
    • Fixed ZString bug that caused strings with commas in them to crash RPKG
  • Models (PRIM):
    • GLB exporting (glTF 2.0)
      • Either by right clicking a PRIM hash or right clicking a TEMP hash that has PRIM dependencies
      • LODs are parsed and will only export the highest resolution ones
      • No bone or texture support yet
  • Added JSON viewer for JSON hashes
  • Improved speed of loading RPKGs

I’ve been wondering this for a while, is it possible to make a blood mod for Hitman? Like increase the size of the blood splatter etc.?

you can change the amount of blood an individual gun “produces”


So you can make evil dead level of blood come from weapons?

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Hi! I need help with quickmod. It is not allowing me to reconfigure my game location. I need to do this. Reinstalling the app does not work. Please help, thanks!

You can change it in %appdata%\QuickMod\storage\quickmod.json with the gameDirectory key. Make sure to use double backslashes in place of single backslashes.

Uh, what do you mean by the gameDirectory key? I’m pretty new to this, thanks for your help.

The file is all in one line (though some editors will wrap the text). If you scroll enough, you should see something like this:
You can edit that to change your game directory.

My bad I forget the backslashes I go fix

Hmm… I double checked it was correct… weird. :confused:

You removed the "gameDirectory":

Futo Ninja AI Responses:

Google Drive Mirror

The Futo Suit will now use the Ninja responses when you go past people.


Dear IOI: I know you keep an eye on these mods and the Hitman modding scene (it’s not a coincidence the mere mention of re-adding unused Elusive Targets gets you removing them from the files). Please implement this mod’s change to AI responses because I have no clue why it hasn’t been done so already. It’s been three years, dammit.

-Yours, Dribbleondo.


Fixed. image

How do i change the blood amount that each weapon produces?