QuickEdit - a mod editor for Hitman 2 and 3

Yeah I’m not sure if it’s possible to change the exits during the game or not. Maybe in theory will dll injection but that might take forever to figure out lol

Works now, Thanks :slight_smile:

I want to know what’s going on now
My number suddenly disappeared

The forum was reset to make it more stable. All have to create a new account.

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How exactly would I fix the “Unlock: Violin” image being shown instead of the image I’d chosen?
Oh, and also, are you going to update the mod for H3?

If you’ve loaded the mod, the tile image won’t be saved, unlike objective images. Otherwise, make sure you’ve uploaded a PNG or JPG and saved the mission configuration.

I do plan to update QuickEdit for Hitman 3.

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Hey, I gotta say I love this tool. It’s has been pretty easy and intuitive to use, lots of features and options for mission creation. There are two things that I think would help improve the editor based on my experience.

  1. Sometimes I seem to be having issues where my objectives and config will be deleted for some reason, so a way to save and load the project into a separate file would be useful. I see the option to export mod data from the main screen, but I don’t see an option to import?

  2. When scrolling through the list of items in the flow editor, when I have my mouse set to scroll multiple lines, it seems to scroll past some items, so to being able to navigate line by line would be a good. I tried using the arrow keys but that didn’t work.

Also, would it be possible to have conditions based on the following?
-If starting with this outfit, or this item on inventory
-If Mission difficulty is set to “professional”
I thought maybe via custom condition but how would I find out the attributes?


That’s odd. Make sure nothing is interfering with QuickEdit’s access to the AppData folder, where it stores your projects.

That’s possible but poses security risks if someone imports another person’s mod.

I would also like this feature but the Flow editor’s basic functionality is a library, so you would need to contact the people at BaklavaJS.

There is an event for that but I’m not sure how to query its items properly.

Not possible unfortunately.

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I’m using this program for the first time, I exported the mod as a .RPKG file, named it “chunk0patch5.rpkg”, put it in Runtime, went offline and I didn’t see it anywhere! I was playing on Hitman 3 and tried replacing it once with “Arrival” and another time with “The Silver Tongue” if that helps! My package definition file is also patched.


QuickEdit doesn’t have Hitman 3 support yet.

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Ahh, okay. I thought it would still work for Hitman 2 maps in Hitman 3. Cheers!

Hitman 3 support is here! You can now select a targeted game version in Project Settings. Map changes are available for the new maps.


So this is bug or?


20 character minimum

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How can I not do this?
I have tried a lot of ways failed.

Ah. I may need to update that as well.


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So changed the picture?

What does that mean?

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