HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Everyone can dream I think. I prefer to rely on the modding community, as for all other games on PC (hi Bethesda).

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Legitimately the only mod I actually need :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hey, anyone know if there’s a way to mod the game so it lies to the server that I unlocked a suit? I have Hitman 2 but I’ll never get to unlock the suits that require ETs :frowning: I don’t want model swapps

Offline Experience Refined: Gameplay and player agency, compatible with all mods but some features will not work when some mods are installed
Readable UI: Visual improvements for the UI/HUD, compatible with all mods


You can’t get the ET suits without doing the ETs, can’t cheat that, sorry.

Even if it was somehow possible to get those suits it’d be restricted to offline only.

ETs are coming in HITMAN 3 so you have your chance.

H3 support is now available for my mod manager:


Offline Experience Refined’s starting locations worked really well offline, loved them.

But I noticed today some of the new starting locations work online too. No extra stash locations work but I didn’t expect anything to work online so this is still great.

By the way this doesn’t work in contracts mode, which is good I guess. Wouldn’t want some scummy person to make contracts with a 5 second time limit running from a starting location most owners don’t have.


Bottom right shows I’m online.

Video too. I have the silent assassin indicator on which requires online.


Interesting. I guess that file isn’t overridden by the server.


It makes me wonder if they had any plans for these to have extra locations during development but didn’t follow through with it.


:(( thanks, guess I’m gonna need to go sell my kidneys to buy H3…

That’s because all of these starting locations available in online mode have “isDefaultSpawn” set to true.
I didn’t realise that could affect their availability in online mode as well.

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I’ve experienced this kind of contract in HITMAN 2 not long prior to HITMAN 3 release where it’s set that you need to kill someone in a skin of Martinez or mansion guest.
So, some of these “modded” contracts still possible

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Previously I mentioned how awesome it would be to have a Snowpiercer ET where we have Undying MK3 in the Romania map.

Now my question is, is that possible with mods? To swap out edwards, give us a starting location with suit, and change the target name to, for example, Wilford?


Could add target ? I think two or three target too few.

For the UI changes, did you use the “Edit Actionscript” feature in JPEXs? I was testing out some small edits but my repackage doesn’t seem to be working after rebuild. The UI is not working altogether. Any advice? Do I have to export it some way and edit and reimport?

You have to edit the P-code, not the ActionScript.


Focus for Hitman 3:


This isn’t my mod, it’s Kotti’s.

I just saw it and thought I’d give it some advertising since Kotti isn’t posting here anymore.


Thanks Kotti! Peace and quite at last :relieved:


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