Modding the white controller logo on the menu screen to the coloured version

For those who don’t know, if you plug in a controller on the PC, you’ll get a white coloured controller on the menu screen, while on the original console, it’s the coloured version. I was wondering whether there is a way to replace the plugged-in controller logo into the coloured version that you see on consoles, my reason being because I want to feel that I’m playing on the xbox on the computer. ( Even though I own an xbox, but I just like to see it on the PC too)

I assume you are talking about the in-game menu in the new trilogy, right?

There is no official way to do so, at least as far as I know. However, you might be able to make a mod for it. Though I can not guarantee this would work.

I found the images that I think used to display the controller in the menu. It is in 004A314BA75429D7.GFXF, in shapes. I can give you more detailed instruction if needed.

If you want to discuss anything regarding the modding of Hitman game, you can use the modding thread:

Keep in mind; IOI officially does not endorse any modification towards their game.

Thanks, but I am new to modding, I’d would like to have a breakdown on how this works. Thanks!

Sorry for the delay. I hope this helps.

Extract GFXF

  1. Download RPKG Tool.
  2. Launch the tool.
  3. Select Mass Extract > Extract Scaleform GFX/DDA/TGA (GFXF) From RPKGs In Folder
  4. Select the Runtime folder in the game file folder. Or the other folder that contains the RPKG file that you want to extract from.
  5. Select the output folder when the prompt appears.
  6. GFXF folder should have been created inside the output folder.

Edit GFX

  1. Download software that can edit GFX files if you have not already. I use JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.
  2. Find the file you want to edit. For HITMAN 2, the file that containing the controller image is 004A314BA75429D7.GFXF.GFX, which is located in chunk0.rpkg > 004A314BA75429D7.GFXF. The file’s name and location may differ by the game, but I do not think so.
  3. Replace the images that you want to modify into your desired ones. You can extract the images if needed.
  4. Once you edited the file, save it. When using JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler, many people recommend saving with the Save as option because it may not properly save the file with the Save option.

Create the MOD file

  1. With the RPKG tool, select Rebuild > Rebuild Sacleform GFX/DDA/TGA (GFXF) From Folder
  2. Select the folder that automatically created when extracting the files. It is named GFXF by default.
  3. Inside the same folder as the edited file, GFXF.rebuilt should have been created, and it will contain the file with GFXF format.
  4. Create a new folder. Then create another one inside, and name it GFXF, then put the created GFXF file in it.
  5. Select Generate > Generate RPKG From Folder with the RPKG tool.
  6. Select the folder containing the GFXF folder created by you.
  7. Select the output folder.
  8. An rpkg file should have been created inside the output folder.

Apply the MOD

You can use QuickMod, a MOD manager. Or you can do it manually by doing the following:

  1. Drag packagedefinition.txt from the Runtime folder into here, select Set Patch Levels, then select Save File to download. Replace the original file with the downloaded one.
  2. Rename the rpkg file you created appropriately. You have to name it into chunk0patch[highest patch number + 1].rpkg. Check your Runtime folder to check the highest patch number. For example, if the file with the highest patch number is chunk0patch4.rpkg, you have to name your file chunk0patch5.rpkg.
  3. Put your renamed file into the Runtime folder.

I cannot guarantee this will work, but I hope it will.