QuickMod - a mod manager for Hitman 2 and 3

H3 support is here! Download using the link in the top post.


What happens when the game is updated?
Will this create conflicts?
(e.g. The mod that is named the same as the new official patch will be overwritten and will be deleted if “disabled” from QuickMod. Cause the patches to go out of order. etc.)
Just wondering if there are any disclaimers or extra info I might need to add to the install instructions of my mods if people chose to use it.

Would starting patches at chunk0patch100.rpkg alleviate any issues?
I haven’t done the testing and am not sure if you can go that far ahead and have everything work as intended?
Maybe we should ALREADY be advising people to name their mod .rpkg this when done manually, so they don’t get overwritten when the game updates? :smirk:

That should do it as long as you update the packagedefenition.

The automatic patch level goes to 10,000 already.

I KNOW that was wrong… :smirk:
I meant chunk0patch100.rpkg

QuickMod will automatically detect when the game or packagedefinition is updated and advise accordingly.

EDIT: When I last tested, patch numbers needed to be consecutive or else the higher patches won’t load (skipping from chunk0patch1 to 100 wouldn’t load 100 and further)

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Wanted to report that my mods seem to be working by being patched starting at 100.
I also notice that Kevin Rudd’s outfit mod by default is named chunk0patch47.rpkg with no instruction to change to a consecutive number.
Hopefully you can look into this further, since it would be preferable that no actions would need to be taken when the game updates. Thanks.

An update has been released with the new patch system starting at 100.

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Does QuickEdit work with Hitman 3?

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Not yet. I do still plan to update it though.


Basically my recent Installation of H3 (Dubai starter pack), won’t allow me to identify the folder. It keeps saying “Invalid Folder” when I keep selecting the correct folder. Please help as there are no videos or true guides to Installing QuickMod :confused:

Did you use QuickMod for Hitman 2 or QuickMod for Hitman 3?

H3 through the Epic Games store. I don’t own all the content just Dubai from its starter pack set If thats causing problems (It better not be), but for some reason in the folder with the EXE and folders required it keeps popping up as Invalid.

And to clarify, I am using the right version for H3, even redownloaded to make sure

Hmm… QM requires Runtime, Retail, ent and Launcher.exe to be present in the folder you select. Are any of those missing from your folder?

No they seem to be there. Here Is my Directory.

Edit: I see that “ent” Is missing. I do not know how to get the ent folder but i have egstore? Very confusing. also im out of replies so I’ll be editing this to respond sadly.

Odd. I guess maybe the starter pack doesn’t autotomatically create ent. Create a folder called ent and QM should work.

(The ent folder usually stores what you have paid for so I guess the starter pack doesn’t include it)

I have been having issues with HITMAN 3 since the Easter patch and I can only get the game to work whenever I verify the files in Epic and completely disable the mods.

I’ve tried any and all combinations of mods that used to work fine before the update but none work now with QuickMod. The game crashes after the IOI logo and during the loading before the H3 logo appears. The loading text will be in uppercase or not depending on if the readable ui is selected so clearly the mods work to some degree but the game crashes every time before I can even hit enter.

Any advice because I haven’t been able to enjoy mods for the last week. Also I have updated the packagedefinition file many times so it’s not that.

Do mods work if you don’t use QuickMod to install them?

I thought they did initially but I guess I was misremembering.

I tried a few variations just now and it’s the same crash at the first loading screen. Still have the readable UI work/not work accordingly.

I guess this is a bit beyond just QuickMod and some modding issues I have in general. Will look into it more later then.

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I can’t delete mods from QuickMod. I get the message “Are you sure you want to delete the mod? This is your only warning!”. When I click OK, nothing happens.