HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Added in v1.1 on Nexus :sunglasses:


Does anyone have the play as any npc mod file?

The original file from Jedijosh920 was removed from Nexus.

I’d like to use it for H3.

Daycall - A Lighting Mod for Nightcall

Daycall is a mod that modifies the lighting in Nightcall (Hawke’s Bay story mission) which changes the mission’s setting from night to day. Bloom has also been reduced and vignette has been removed as well.


However just simple copy-paste didn’t work for me at first.
As it turned out I needed to rename one file

@Kevin_Rudd has released his H2 custom missions for H3 as an all-in-one file:


You know, with all these fine lighting mods I hope one day IO takes inspiration from them and modifies their game code to fix the issues. Just like Rockstar Games did by improving the loading times thanks to a modder. The game looks so much better in the screenshots posted above. It’s a damn shame the vanilla version of the game isn’t like this.

This goes out to @HMBM47’s H2 lighting mod too

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RPKG Tool v2.5 Changelog

  • Implemented preliminary model (PRIM) viewer + exporter to OBJ models
    • -extract_prim_to_obj_from command in the CLI or you can use the GUI
  • HITMAN 3:
    • Added: enum support for brick files
    • Added: export all global entity coords to CSV file function
  • Fixed hash depends showing duplicate hashes


This is breathtaking. Is there a way to mod all missions to have the clean, “unfiltered” and colorful graphics like the second whittleton creek screenshot? To have vibrant colors like that?

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I would say so, but it involves manually editing each map’s lighting and post filtering settings so it will take some time.


this is amazing. The 3d viewer is super appreciated.


Prettier Haven

In Alpha state currently as this breaks the storm, which I’m not too happy about. :confused:
Ideally would like to fix this soon:tm:, hopefully when custom color correction happens.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Man, the differences are night and day! You guys are doing an amazing job! :smiley:


This makes me think: Are only we the ones who think its prettier?

Why do devs all around the world from any studio think it is better to add such filters, washed out colors and more?

It looks so incredibly pretty…

I cant even remember haven looking this “bad”.

I can wait a year or more, this is worth any waiting. I cant wait to see changes like that to Dubai for example, or China.


My only complaint is that there is almost never a way to disable it.
If it’s going to be in there, fine. Just let us turn it off if we wish. :sweat:

Upside is, we can do anything we want to the visuals on a per-level basis.

In the process of making a “Classic Pack” for all the 2016 levels that brings them back to the original colors/skyboxes, or as close as I can get. I know there will be quite a lot of people looking forward to that. :wink:


I absolutely love the work you do there. Is there any way to convince you to do this to Hitman 2 and 3 aswell, and the bonus missions with different skyboxes?

My only complaint would be that Marrakesh now looks a bit washed out. You once shared a sapienza screenshot with the most beautiful, clear and vibrant vista Ive ever seen in this game. If you know what I mean, can you do that to sapienza? Finally free italy from the green stain?


It’s called artistic aesthetic, which is not a bad thing. However, people do want the place to feel real, with filters often getting in the way of that, hence why games in the beginning had a toggle, which has curiously disappeared from games now.

But yeah, to some degree it’s the artists speaking for us.


I totally get that. Artistic aesthetic is what gives us filters as these:kanelynch2_212664
You can say about the filter all you want, but it was very unique and unmatched to this day, and most importantly, you have been able to disable it.

But then then there are games like every game from around 2010 that had to be orange, tinty.

And thats what I mean. To some degree, artistic aesthetic is what makes games look “unique”. But I thought it is overally agreed upon now, that we dont want such agressive, color-reducing filters anymore. And I hoped that they died out.


I do plan on getting to those at some point, I did Haven right away because it was the level that bothered me the most in H2, but the fact that the storm breaks means I need to find a different approach.

Additionally, there are several people working on different lighting changes concurrently (shocker :stuck_out_tongue: ), so chances are people will get to those before I do. (@Dribbleondo and @Duckilous have been working on very good mods for this already that have a different scope than what I’m doing, but could suit what you’re looking for.)

Still, definitely on my radar. Will keep you posted.

Can’t adjust everything just yet, a few things aren’t quite ready with the tools.

For the color correction changes, most of what I’m doing is not changing any colors (through color correction) but rather just removing the CC filters entirely, and adjusting other lighting values like diffuse to compensate. In the future hopefully we will have more precise control over this.

That is the ultimate goal of course :wink: . Curiously, Sapienza is the most difficult to fix because of the skybox and the weird color correction that doesn’t seem to work the same way as the other levels.

It’s only a matter of time before it gets figured out though. Hopefully it will be ready sooner than later.


Thank you very much! Ive been waiting for such a mod for a long time. My reshade experiment sadly didnt work out, Im not having the knowledge to make good use of the tool.

Oh! This makes sense… which is wierd. It implies that instead of working on the lighning, the IOI dev team rather applied filters on the legacy lighning to enhance the colors, the blur, and bloom? That would explain why it is so hard/unwanted to remove it, as it would also affect basically everything they did.

So would I say aswell! But to really match this, we would need much more than filter removal. Also the skybox, and most importantly: draw distance. I hope there is either a fix from IOI, or a mod, because since Hitman 2 the tower has no windows. :confused:

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@musicalmushr00m IO should hire your ass. Amazing work!