HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Ah right, I’m an idiot, never tried that button!



The mod has been updated so that Diana’s tells dialogue is muted (the option is off by default)/

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Still working on DMP 2.0 . New mission in Santa Fortuna…


Would you like more?
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Hey, does this not work in Freelancer? I applied the Sunset mod and it worked perfectly in the normal game mode, but the Freelancer version stays vanilla.

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You must use Freelancer Variations for Freelancer in most cases

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Accent Overhaul 1.5.0 - Guard Lines For All!

Thanks to new contributor @BlooperReel all European males and Maelstrom now have guard lines. This means Dubai now has sentries who sound slightly more ambiguously Middle Eastern, Paris now has French sentries instead of British, the Swedish consulate now has non-American sentries, and Berlin now has European sentries (Was surprised to learn there are 16 sentry NPCs in total on that map)


  • Guard lines added for: Mendola, Stuyvesant, Janus, Strandberg, Maelstrom
  • Sentries replaced with more fitting voices on: Berlin, Paris, Marrakesh, Dubai
  • Marrakesh: Bodyguards (Black suits) no longer American, apart from ones in AHBOS which have scripted lines. Percentage of guards using Maelstrom’s voice increased.

I wonder if anyone would be interested in doing a bit of a sound mod. Namely a sound swap to maybe make rifles more realistic sounding when suppressed (using the suppressed Jaeger 7 as a basis, as it has the supersonic crack though it’s suppressed), and maybe make it able to be used with any rifle in the game to simulate suppressor use with full power ammo?

What deluxe escalation you want play in offline?
  • The Asmodeus Waltz
  • The Baskerville Barney
  • The Satu Mare Delirium
  • The Lee Hong Derivation
  • The Gauchito Antiquity
  • The Proloff Parable
  • No one

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What Escalation you want play in Season 3 in offline ? (other than seasonal escalation like Berlin Easter Hund etc. and deluxe escalation)

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You know it would be considered piracy right ? Since you have to pay to play them…

But SMF is not working on piracy version. And for this is not 'll rpkg version, so you cant piracy

Two separate things, you can have the legit game but not these DLCs…

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But this escalations is not DLC

You need own Deluxe Edtition so that play in this escalations

Blinding Lights Suit 1.11-SMF

Changes from RPKG to SMF. That’s it really. Oh, and a localisation update with custom description and title (see above!)


Mission is finish, need do it some things and this mission has been was 100% finish


Now that I’m done with the location specific challenges, I can finally use this mod.

Bye bye Ambrose Island, Mumbai & Santa Fortuna!


At least until they add location specific challenges for eliminating leaders.

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I downloaded this version and played
But paris still american guards line
And marrakesh still indian

I miss something or it need to be like this?

I didnt see any change from preivious version…

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