HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

DMP 2.4 is here!


  • Update targets images in mission The Modder
  • Add new misison in main campaign Chapther 6: The Politician
  • Update targets images in mission The Scammers
  • Now ‘eliminate’ objective in Deadly Hospital,The Scammers, The Stalker mark as eliminate objective
  • Add descraption for mission The Data analyzer
  • Fix the mission Deadly Operation could not be completed
  • Update Rico Delgado image face in Hostage Escape: Revenge
    Link for download: Dinozafr's Mission Pack at Hitman 3 Nexus - Mods and community
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Request… What about making the dossiers for the different syndicate types we’ve finished change color - like to gray(?). For example, if we’ve got 50/50 Big Pharma syndicates taken down - any dossiers would be gray to denote that they don’t have to be played.

The more gray dossiers you have you can then focus on the ones you need to finish to get the in-game achievement/s.


Harder thank you think.


“Barely Bearable” is a great name for a Children’s book about a kid who has to live with an irritating bear.


Cmon. You got the idea…
Thank you Mr. Spelling anyway.
I hope that you will recover from that :sweat_smile:

Finished The Block Guards and ICA Facility Workers, so only the ICA Facility Security remains.


I like it
please more chinese faces :+1::sweat_smile:

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