Hitman 3 - Mumbai - Issue with completing Live To Mole Another Day challenge

Hello all,

So I have been trying to unlock the Live To Mole Another Day challenge in Mumbai in Hitman 3 for the PS4. Anytime I kill Dawood, the mole runs to hide and then comes back and sits on ledge again. Are you able to unlock it in your game? Am I doing something wrong? Let me know if you have the same issue and I wil report a bug to the Devs.


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Try to follow the steps in this video.

I remember I had no drastical issues while retracing it


I did and it didn’t work but I was then reading some forums and they were saying that you need to kill or subdue the guard that is at the beginning of the walkaway to the mole and that worked. Even after I killed Dawood the mole went back and then when I subdue that guard, the mole run and I unlocked the challenge.

Thanks though. Might keep this post here in case someone else has the same issue.

You know, now I remember a thing about the guard.
I was doing the challenge back in January so some memories slightly melted away.
But yeah, with that guard who stands right opposite the mole he doesn’t move. After he’s gone the mole runs away.
But it wasn’t the case in HITMAN 2 back in those days when I was doing challenges.
I guess things were changed at some point after personally I did this particular challenge.

Anyway, that’s good that you’ve dealt with the challenge