Hitman 3 new map

Honestly I would love to see a casino map I do not care where I just want a nice casino map so I can slap some one with a case of chips lol or create a distraction at black jack or make a accident at slots

It’s unlikely that we will receive any new maps.
Probably the existing locations will be reimagined for a possible future DLCs


I’m still hoping we get a daytime Paris, open like a museum with private parts for the owners’ living quarters. And yeah the owner was a past elusive target but I think maybe new people could move in? It probably won’t happen because they’ll want to reimagine the 5 new maps but still I can dream.

Definitely would want that more than the airport level people keep banging in about. But only if it had a blackjack minigame :wink:

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They could make a DLC with a casino in Dubai. Or is gambling forbidden there? Or in Mendoza. Would be a great setting!

Casino in vinery fields? Would look weird

Some people need alcohol to gamble.

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Illegal Poker tournament and gambling in the vine cellar where Yates meets the heralds. All with whisky, hookers and a huge cloud of cigar smoke hovering below the ceiling.


Anyone knows when we start to have Roadmap monthly? Or don’t have in H3

No news yet

I can smell it jajajs good new roadmap

I’m not sure how you’d work around the story but you could have an underground casino in Berlin. The dance floor could be converted into a main games room and the chill out area could just be a bar and relaxation area. The corridors would be lined with slot machines and the whole thing would be much more ‘fancy’.