Hitman 3 nightcrawler challenge not working

I have tried many times but it is not complete. Even I have seen how to do it on tube and reddit, it still doesn’t work

Possible fixes:

Play professional difficulty (master also works).

Don’t save and reload. (seems to break camera challenge)

If you fail the mission don’t load or replay. Instead exit to main menu then return.

A possible fix for (nightcrawler) challenge:

Make sure to stay as close to Omar as possible.

When he makes it to Carl Ingram’s office, if he says “He’s not here probably on a stroll.” Your camera challenge should work.

Try not to cut off their dialogue.

Make sure to wait until he’s fully on the bed.

Take a few photos. (Do not spam the camera it tends to glitch out the challenge)

Yeah I had this issue, you cannot load a save game, it has to be done in a single go

And yeah you gotta take a few photos, different distances and angles til you get it

Since I was on PC I got the ‘unpause’ mode and just minimized it while I did other stuff and waited for his route to complete, but you gotta make sure to set off his speech etc.


Almost all the camera/photo challenges in Hitman 3 had problems, right?

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The trick with the camera challenges is to stay on the picture after you’ve taken it for a few seconds, then close it and wait a few more seconds for the challenge to pop. All the camera challenges work, I’ve done them all this past month replaying Hitman 3


thank you so much!!!

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