Hitman 3; Paris doesn't start

H. I’m playing with PC. I can not play Paris map at all. When I try to play it, the game just kicks me out of the game. I have had this problem always while playing Hitman 3. What can I do?

Hello Tiinaaa. I’d suggest you try various things listed here:

  1. first you could try loading the map without bringing any item. Don’t know if it’s specific items causing the crash, but I suppose you may try.

  2. Try to load other missions within Paris like Holiday Hoarders, escalations, or player-made contracts. You can find HH and escalations within the locations menu.

  3. Does this specifically only happen to you when you try to load Paris? And all the other maps don’t have such issue at all? It will be helpful if you provide more insights on this.

  4. If you have any game mods installed, remove them from the game folder and load Paris again.

  5. If your PC doesn’t quite meet the minimum requirements, go to option menu and turn all settings to low, then load Paris.

  6. Finally, if none of the above stuff fix the issue at all, you should report the issue via official player support. It’s in the link below where you can click the top right “Submit a request” button and send a ticket to IOI. Make sure to list as many details as possible, including your PC’s specs.