HITMAN 3 PC 2022 Steam or Epic

Hello I am a little confused with the last forum messages and 2022 IOI announcements.
I bought H1 and H2 in 2019/2020 on Steam. As a PC player in 2021 , I bought H3 on Epic and import H1/H2 from Steam to Epic.
I do not have understood if something will change for 2022 year and especially for the PC players who will be interested with VR.
Is Epic will support Hitman 2022 with all options : VR, etc…
or do we have to migrate from Epic to Steam ?

If you could bring me your light ? You will be welcome.

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All features and content coming to HITMAN 3 on PC in 2022 - including VR - are expected to be supported on Epic (and Steam too, once a Steam release is announced). So your Epic Store version should be fine!


Many thanks Happy_Squirrel