Hitman 3 (PC) crashes on startup

I bought the game on Saturday and played for nearly six hours with no problem (aside from minor connection timeouts and reconnects). I put my computer to sleep that night and woke up yesterday to continue playing and now my game crashes seconds after the IOI screen comes up. Sometimes I make it as far as the “Press A to play” screen and then always crash after that.

NO changes were made to my PC between playing flawlessly on Saturday and then instant crashes yesterday and today. I can find almost no mention of this problem anywhere aside from template clickbait articles on google advising the standard “update drivers, etc.” solutions. I’ve now tried all of these fixes and nothing works, the game does not make it past the intro loading screen without crashing. I am playing any and all other games flawlessly, and my specs are well above recommended. I don’t know how to get in touch with IOI and epic games gave me all the standard “fixes” as well which did not work.

I am also not eligible for a refund according to EGS because I have more than two hours of played time, since it was working the day I bought it.

I feel really angry and duped by this and I have no recourse and no one else dealing with these same issues, please tell me anyone else here might know how to deal with this?