Hitman 3 pc epic favorite contracts tab is blank even tho I have favorite contracts

Do favorite contracts work for you guys on epic pc when I load in they are blank, when I try to add and press p multiple times it disconnects me from hitman server?

Same problem to me . .


I don’t see issue reported here recently, neither is it listed on the known issues player support webpage. You may have to report this by clicking the top-right “Submit a Request” button in the following link. Then a player support staff should be there to assist you.

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It has been reported two days ago by @Patrik_Samu on the technical support thread on XBox One S. Also I submitted the issue to IOI months ago happening on my PS4, but never received update. Now the issue is happening on all platforms, I hope IOI support can acknowledge it.


I play on Xbox (with a One S) and it works fine for me. Probably makes the issue worse to figure out.

May be it’s related to the contracts which are on the list. If I were IOI I would copy the list of favorite contracts from one of the accounts experiencing the problem to a test account and see what happens. If it instead involves multiple factors it could be much more difficult to track down.

Well shit let’s test it out. @Patrik_Samu


Faster method: try saving “Home Invasion” “Target: The Kingpin” and “Stalker” to your favorites. Worked fine for me. Let me know.

Thanks a lot, but the problem is that every contract we try to add to the list causes a disconnection so if there is any contract which causes the problem it is already in the list but we can’t access anymore the list. Guess we are in IOI hands. Thanks again.

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Yeah any contract I try to add causes a disconnect, and the list is blank so I can’t remove any if the specific contract is causing a problem.

Did any of you add a “kill all” contract to your favorites list BEFORE you started having this problem? The ones where every single NPC on the level are targets?

Could be something… could be nothing.

I’m on some Sherlock Holmes shit right now! :joy:

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I’m sure I didn’t cuz I don’t like those,maybe tried one once but never added to favs.

Cool. So probably not that.


It doesn’t appear to be consistent across any platforms. But there must be something all of you have in common for it to be effecting your specific games.

If anyone wants to experiment: try logging in with a second account (if you have one) and see if the problem still occurs. If not, then we’ll at least know it’s specific to your main account.

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I have other accounts on my PS4 and they are fine. Since on my main account I had a lot of favs contracts, I thought this may be the problem. So when I have time I will add a lot of contracts to one of the other account, to see if it breaks the list.


You could try it but I doubt that’s the problem cuz I had very few contracts in my favs and just wanted to use favs for a contract I written down so I can find it later.

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I did added some. You might be onto something


The reason I brought it up is because I don’t think the character pics for contracts mode targets are static JPEG’s. I think they"re generated in real time. I noticed as the Featured section got more and more new contracts, that section would take longer and longer to load up the images.

H3 Featured contracts (for the most part) DO use custom, static pics. And those load fast. I use to have a lot of crashes in that section until that last Xbox only update ioi put out.

But those kill everyone contracts REALLY lag. Still. I think it’s because the game has to load and generate so many target pics at once.

Just a theory.