Hitman 3 Preorder Disc version lacks Trinity Pack

I’ve preordered H3 from one of our local retailers. I opened the box and there was no preorder bonus in it.
I’ve read a little bit about that and apparently, they are supposed to be sent out to players by the retailer via email? Well, I talked to my retailer and they know nothing about it.
Does anyone know what to do at this point? I’m getting a little bit frustrated, because I really do enjoy the game, but there is not gonna me other way for me to obtain those items.

That’s the thing. I did that, but I don’t see it on Epic under addons nor under the store page where I guess it would be along with the access passes.

@Rown47 It only works if the trinity pack (which counts as a dlc) is installed in the first place. In theory, all disc copies are supposed to have the trinity pack included (via redeem code), as they’re limited to a couple months after the release of the game and about a week before.

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I too am missing the Trinity Pack. Pre-Ordered from Amazon, nothing in the box, no code sent via email. Amazon support wasn’t able to get me a code. Unlike others who lost their Trinity Pack after content transfer I don’t think mine was ever activated, it doesn’t show as available to install in the store either. Does IO Interactive have some sort of support for this? Like “prove a pre-order, get a code emailed”?

Have you simply tried contacting support about this? I don’t know about the proof of purchase thing though… once again, try contacting official support

Early as the sunrise!

I have contacted them. The last I heard from them they “have identified what’s causing this and working on a fix”, and that was over two weeks ago. I’ve asked for an update last week but haven’t heard back.

Yo i got the pre-order version but it lacked the promised trinity bonus. So hey ya’ll listen up. Any mothafuckas here got trinity pack code for epic games/PC version? Holla at me if u do got that.

I think only the copies that you bought within a specific amount of time had the redeem code for the trinity pack

If it didn’t come with a redeemable code for the trinity pack and you placed your order after January ended, why the fuck do you expect that you still get a pre-order bonus?

sorry for my reply being too early ;^)

Because you can still get the fucking code through third party sites/services, that’s why! All you need is luck and Ebay. Boom!

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To close the loop on my case — after a while I did hear from IOI again and eventually they did send me a pre-order code. It took 4 months, but I finally have my Trinity pack!