Hitman 3 random crash to desktop


I bought hitman 3 on epic games.
My PC is an alienware 18.
16 go ram.
SSD drive.
Intel I7.
Windows 10 pro.
2 x ATI Radeon HD8970M (brand new)

The game crashes to desktop randomly.
Sometimes after 1 hour, sometimes after 10 min.

Everything is up to date: windows (including optionnal updates), ATI drivers, all other drivers, game itself, VCredist, Net framework, directX, game launcher…

I tried almost everything.
Check file integrity,
reinstalling launcher + game + Vcredist + directx + net framework,
changing different AMD and game settings (a dozen times),
increasing virtual memory in advanced system settings,
disactivating secondary graphic card,
disactivating audio devices,
running launcher as administrator,
killing most of the background tasks,
disabling firewall + anti virus soft,
setting high performance in power options,
no overclocking,
and more.

But the game keeps crashing to desktop.
No error message.

On the forums, many people are complaining about hitman 3 crashes, but never the problem seems to be solved.
I have ni idea what I could try else.

Do you have any more hints for me?

You may try contacting IOI’s official player support. Click the top right “Submit a request” button, then post as many details of the game crash issue as possible. There should be someone there that can help you.


Ok I signed in there and submitted the request.
Let’s hope they will give me a help.
I will update this topic if I get it fixed.


Try running Hitman 3 straight from the desktop without Epic Games open

Hi Tom.

I tried to run the game like you said.
But it makes no difference.
The hitman 3 shortcut leads directly to the epic game launcher…

I have the Hitman 3 support discussion running by eMail.
They asked me for different log files and detected a memory leak, probably due to interference with another software.

So far I had no time to investigate further.

My PC has 2 hard drives.
One mSATA ssd of 128 gb for system and one standard SATA of 1 TB for data.
Launcher installed on C: but game files installed on D:.
Space always has been short on my C: drive.
Having a SATA slot left, I ordered a 500 gb ssd drive. in order to do a clean windows 10 install on it.
By the way I will have enough space to install everything (game + launcher) on C:

Once this will be done, and if problem still remains, I will continue with the Hitman 3support.


Hmm you wouldn’t happen to have any razor stuff would you? A few years back I had a problem with Overwatch crashing that turned out to be some kind of compatibility issue with the software from a razor mousepad that I had just gotten