Hitman 3 Reviews [Spoilers]

As the launch of Hitman 3 approaches, reviews should be arriving today, tomorrow, and after launch. Remember to keep discussion civil. Reviews are still subjective and different publications view games differently and grade a game’s quality in different ways. They’re meant to give a general picture about a game’s quality. A low or high score doesn’t determine your personal enjoyment of a game.


From what I gathered, seems that most reviewers were happy with the game so we might see scores of 8 and up though I wonder if the recent H2 re-buy debacle might affect the reviews for the PC version.

I believe the debacle was solved this morning. IOI stated everybody should be happy and not have to pay if you owned H-games on steam.

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I mean it isn’t like this game will be a masterpiece, I think it will get around 70 to 80 range and that is just fine to me.


Hitman 2 was in the range of about 70-90, as was Hitman 1. I think we can safely predict Hitman 3 will be about the same


I’m gonna say around an 80-81 on metacritic, but if the levels are good enough to break the stigma of a lack of innovation it might get around an 87.

I reckon low to mid 7s. It’s not that I am being pessimistic, it’s just I am sure there will be criticisms for bugs, robotic AI and a lack of changes from the prior game. I recall similar complaints for Hitman 2. Of course, it makes no difference to me however a Hitman 3 ign review isn’t made to convince me that the game is good, it is supposed to give a (somewhat) balanced view of the game to an outsider of the series, who I am sure would have less fun with the game than we would.

I haven’t looked at review scores since I was in high school, idgaf. I’m expecting a mostly positive critical response.


Hitman 3 reviews dropping in less than 2 hours

Damn. Hoping it gets an 85, although review scores are a joke nowadays.


That’s true, I don’t really read or trust reviews of Hitman games. The IGN review of Hitman 2 basically said “gameplay is great but graphics aren’t good” like that matters. My ex once sent a review of Hitman 2 calling it too easy, but I think the person Sophie or whatever just had a bone to pick because one of the writers was friends with a polygon journo. Not that polygon is any better, they were reporting on Hitman 3 only having three mission stories in a way that made it seem like it had less content.

Only people I trust are Kotti (even when he complains about stupid stuff sometimes), Cvit (even when he gets stuff wrong), CJgarof, Critical Nobody and myself to give a good review.

I agree, I only really trust Kotti and CJ. Kinda a bummer that both are so negative about the new games.


I love those guys but CJ gets too wound up about Hitman in general. He says he likes Absolution but he’s gets just as annoyed at that game as H2.

Kotti is just burnt out on them. But his weird obsession with wanting stealth games to not penalise you from getting caught is something I disagree with as a stealth fan.


The review for pushsquare goes into premiere now, quite curious. I already bought it but still. Last games received an 8 from them

I think with Kotti, he enjoys how archaic and goofy the rating system was in the old games, so now he thinks that by modern standards having explosions and bodies found should still constitute silent assassin. I am not a stealth purist or anything, but some of the stuff the old games allowed (which Kotti believes should be allowed in the new games aswell) is just ridiculous.

9/10 from Gamespot


but it does in the new games too

9/10 PCGamer

A beautiful, deep, and endlessly replayable murder sandbox, featuring some of the best levels in the series.


Rich, rewarding, and highly replayable, Hitman 3 is one of the barcoded butcher’s best appearances.


I’ve just checked my local review (polish). Also 9/10, and it says that it is the best one from the trilogy: Hitman 3 wymiata! Recenzja najlepszej gry z Agentem 47 | GRYOnline.pl

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Gamereactor (danish) 9/10.