Hitman 3 sniper assassin mode

Today i was import my hitman 2 maps to hitman 3
and i saw sniper assassin mode working on single player only

anyone know if they going to back multyplayer mode?


multiplayer has been discontinued and sniper assassin is strictly single player now.


Multiplayer has been killed off and won’t be returning. Matchmaking never left beta status in H2.

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LOL what the deal with them ,they downgrade the game
No ghost mode no sniper multy
And miss a lot challange packs and season maps pack :man_facepalming:

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Sniper Assassin was basically dead long ago. Most people played it a few times and never touched it again in single player, let alone the number of people that never touched multiplayer.

Its death was likely caused by the low number of players playing multiplayer, indicating that it wasn’t drawing people to buy the game in the first place, so it made no sense to continue to keep spending money to keep the matchmaking servers active. Especially with Ghost Mode already closed, the servers would have been solely supporting a mode that almost no-one played anymore.


I wish they would just make a regular coop version of the game

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im with you there dude

I think it would make alot of people happy

what would you like to see in coop mode if it was add 47 with a second person

It could be like a group of assassins each with a fleshed out story dudes and chicks. So if you play with your old lady lol

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imagine that will be funny

While Sniper Assassin is solo only on Hitman 3, I believe co-op server is still up if you launch it from Hitman 2.

Think it was right to remove co-op from Hitman. After all this is 47’s game and story!

Suppose Ghost and Stone can take more of a spotlight in Sqaure Enix’s game.

It’s all about allocation of resources. Everything put into a game costs time, money, and resources. I’m sure IOI have the metrics on how many people played Ghost Mode and Sniper Co-op.

If those metrics were worth it both modes would still be around. A studio only has finite resources to put to use and I for one would rather get new maps than see those modes kept alive.

It’s just about responding to the content the most amount of people actually want to play. While Ghost mode was quite popular here, you gotta understand forums like this represent the opinions of such a small portion of the total number of players. Most people didn’t touch either of those modes.