Hitman 3 still not launching on steam

I just bought hitman 3 on steam, but i just cant launch it. Tried to skip the launcher via properties or delete hitman3 folder but nothing. Im literally hopeless, but i dont want to refund it. Do you have any solution, or have you finally fixed this issue? Thank you very much agents

Sometimes I have to force compatibility through the settings tab. If you go to the games page in your library>settings>properties>compatibility I tick the force the use of a specific steam play tool. That might work, not very savvy with this stuff but sometimes this works for me.

Its still something i guess, thanks, ill try that in a bit, actually never heard of this solution.

Actually, i cant seem to find the compatibility option in properties, only " general, updates, installed files, betas, controller and dlc". Am i missing something? Or it was removed from steam??

Im horrible at explaining lol heres a screenshot , its manage>properties …

Now im on steamdeck but using desktop mode so it should be the same. Hope it works, sorry for any confusion :sweat_smile: If it doesn’t work I hope someone can point you in the right direction!

Well…thank you but i acrually dont have steamdeck lol. Thank you for the wish, i hope so too!

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