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You bought the game at regular price or at some seems-too-good-to-be-true discount?

Regular price from the original release back in 2021. Also was playing today normally but tried tonight and nope. Says I need to buy access to all locations again. Was able to play Dubai for the free trial thing it has RN and was weird because I still have all my unlocks as normal.

Tried to keep playing to Dartmoor but says I need access. Is strange.

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Yeah, i have the same issue. Can u check, your hours is updated?
Before WOA update i had about 281hrs in EGS.
After WOA update I played every day about 6-10hrs. But my playtime still 281hrs.As u described earlier, I can agree with your sentence.
it is problem with Launcher.exe and Hitman3.exe. EGS don’t see Hitman3.exe and that why EGS can’t update cloud saves and hours, cause EGS don’t see that u play at all. It only can see that u started Launcher.exe. And after u click “Play” button in Launcher.exe Epic think that u close game at all.


Platform:PC steam
Description:I have purchased hitman2 Gold on Steam, but I can’t get the HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Expansion dlc when I open Hitman 3
Steps to reproduce:
1.Buy all the dlc from hitman2 by January 26th.
2.Buy hitman3 and don’t open it before January 26th
3.Open hitman3 after January 26

Platform: PC

Description: Crashes occurring at the end of the end of an era level every time I leave the ICA facility after uploading the files

Steps to reproduce/Frequency: Happens every time I walk through the door or leave the facility and walk into the crowd, no relation to anything I do (Tried not using instinct and crash still occurred)
Royce was killed with the filtration system in the core, Hush was shot near the satellite
Tried on my basic graphic settings and on all low and crash stays the same

System specs: AMD Ryzen 2200g
GPU: Nvidia 1060 6 Vram
16GB of RAM

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Platform: PC, Steam/Digital
Description: Freelancer redecorate point in 47’s kitchen by the cleaning spot is bugged and only zooms the camera in a bit and disables all button prompts.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load up Freelancer
  2. Attempt to redecorate aforementioned counter area in need of a good wipe-down
  3. Profit?
    Frequency: Always.
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PC (Epic Games Store)

Description : When attempting to start the game via the Epic Games Store, Hitman 3 will boot up its Launcher (the Epic Games Store will minimize). I am given the typical three options of “Play”, “Options” or “Exit”, Exit and Options work normally. However, when I select “Play” the launcher will close and the Epic Games Store will pop up, but the game will never start.

Steps to reproduce: Start the game within the Epic Games Store and then select Play when the Launcher comes up

Frequency : Always happens, without fail. Reinstalling the Epic Games Store, Hitman 3, reinstalling Windows, or rebooting the computer does not solve this. This problem does not occur with other games within the Epic Games Store.

Attach or link to any videos or images that will help explain the issue.

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Platform: Xbox series X

Description: I’ve owned Hitman 3 with all the DLC since it was released I opened it today and I have access to nothing but Dubai, I’ve reinstalled all the DLC, I’ve reinstalled the game itself and I’ve turned the console off and on. Weirdly when i check my IOI profile it says i have Hitman 3 starter pack which i even looked at.

Steps to reproduce: 1: Open game
2: Select Level
3: No Access

Frequency: Always


The same issue is also happening to me, I have hitman:world of assassination from game pass on xbox1, but only dubai is available and my ioi account also shows that i only have the free starter pack.

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Platform Xbox

Description it wouldn’t let me connect to the servers and when it did it got rid of ALL of my purchases. They are all gone. I purchased all 3 Hitman and it won’t let me play a single map except Dubai. Even when I restart the game

Steps to reproduce Just launch the game and press A

Frequency Every Single Time


Platform: PC, Steam, Digital

Description: I cannot access the Hitman 2 special assignments and bonus levels in Hitman 3 despite owning all the DLCs in Hitman 2.

Any help is appreciated.

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Platform: PS5

Description: I can play PS4 version on PS5 but cant play upgraded PS5 version. Using same IO account.

Please help.


Platform: [PC] From Xbox game pass ultimate.


Description : When Installing hitman world of assassination on the Xbox store I get a error code 0x87e00196. I have already contacted Xbox and they said my pc and everything on their end was fine and sent me this link to contact you.

Steps to reproduce: Help me fix this issue.

Frequency : Once


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I also have the same problem

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I play on PC (Steam) and I have tried everything I know to do. My game won’t play for more than a few minutes without crashing. I can play other games just fine. I’ll start a mission on Freelancer or any normal campaign, everything will seem fine for a few minutes, and then it freezes and crashes. Event Viewer throws up “Exception code: 0x80000003 Fault offset: 0x000000000136daf3”.

List of things I’ve tried: updating GPU driver, removing GPU and CPU overclock, changing RAM timings, playing in “fullscreen” instead of “exclusive fullscreen”, turning my graphics settings down, reinstalling the game, reinstalling Windows, swapping RAM kits, updating BIOS, disabling antivirus, using regedit to change some sort of GPU timeout setting, and I’m sure there’s something I forgot about.

Please help. I’ve been waiting to hear from IOI support for two weeks now and Steam won’t refund my game because I’ve had it open for too long.

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I’m on Xbox and lost access to the game. I can only access the free content.

Everything is still installed on my Xbox and my profile is still recognized in the game, but the game menu doesn’t give me access to the missions and tells me to pay for everything again.

Not to mention I lost all freelancer progress.

What is going on? Going panic attack here seriously.

It says I need to buy Hitman World of Assassination for 70 euros but I already had everything that is in it.



Don’t worry, i am a God and have found a solution to tbis problem for like a dozen people.

Just disconnect from your Internet (i don’t recommend destroying it with a hammer :hammer:) then connect back to your internet and it should work.
If it doesn’t @ me and I’ll see if i can find another way

Edit:just seen you fixed it!

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We are aware of this issue. And we’re investigating it.


Started getting the dreaded ‘Get Access’ problem on Xbox that many on this thread are highlighting. Was fine this morning, but this evening I can only get access to Dubai for free, and everything else I apparently no longer own, despite, y’know, owning it. Is this still being investigated? I just want to dive back into Freelancer!