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HITMAN1 GOTY&HITMA2 GOLD DLC all destination

Using Steam’s Family Sharing feature, my family played “HITMAN WoA” without any problems until last week’s “Forger”.
However, when I tried to play “undying”, which was released today, all of a sudden the contents of HITMAN 1&2 became “available” (i.e. not owned).
I don’t know the cause of this problem at all, because I had been able to play the game without any problem until now.

The only thing that has changed recently is that “HITMAN WoA PartOne” and “HITMAN WoA DeluxeEdition” have been added to the Steam store page, and their bundles are no longer displayed.
Also from the Steam library, the DLC has disappeared from the DLC section of the “HITMAN3” properties.
These DLCs are now listed as “possessions” in the store.
Is it no longer possible to play with Family Sharing?

By the way, my family had “HITMAN GOTY” and “HITMAN2 GOLD” so I was able to get these access passes for free in the past.
This may have something to do with it.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Reproduction procedure:

  1. Start HITMAN WoA.
  2. The content you are supposed to have is set to “Get”.
  3. HITMAN3 properties in the Steam library are also missing.

↓They are now grayed out, showing as “obtain.”

↓ In the store, they are listed as “library owned” but not in the DLC list.

↓My family has played all stages of HITMAN 1&2 up to mastery level 20 in the past.

Occurrence frequency:

This topic was also posted on Steam Beta feedback.

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