HITMAN 3 - The Sarajevo Six Review

Three and a half months of editing, animation, script rewrites and general procrastination later, I give you; The Sarajevo Six Review. Grab a cup of tea, this is a 28 minute beast of a video.

I had already posted this over here in TS6’s WoA thread, but that thread gets very little attention. Thought I’d post it here for some more visibility.

Regardless, enjoy a delve into my mind of my opinions on the targets and gameplay and such!


Your vids are a treat Dribbleondo, I like how you focus both on gameplay and story aspects of the targets.


I generally agree with all your thoughts, the only thing different is I think a bit higher of The Enforcer, The Extractor, and The Veteran for having routes in areas that other ETs don’t go. It isn’t much, but it does help them stand out slightly more.

By the way, do you plan on individually reviewing the Hitman 2 and 3 ETs eventually?


That’s reasonable, but Lunn is already in a place you NEED to go to in the main mission (You need to destroy the ETHER Virus, so that railroads you to the biolab in some capacity). But I absolutely agree with The Extractor and The Veteran; you really do not use those parts of the map all that much on repeat playthroughs, even discounting the Zaydan Tafiya route in Marrakesh.

I planned on it for this December, but I gave myself some comic-drawing commitments for Phantasy Annie and commissions for Hitman 3 posters instead! Fun! :sob:

The H2 ones are more interesting to talk about, and I have some thoughts about The Undying/ Returns I want to say after ET Galore happens (as we’re unsure what that entails exactly).

The 2016 ones were easy to do as short videos primarily because there’s not much to discuss for 95% of them. The H2 ones will get a lump-sum video like this as they deserve it more. A Vincente rant will come soon enough, I promise :wink: Might be a January/ February project.

If you want a summary of why Vincente is so bad, then I wrote something on TVTropes here (I’ll blur the relevant excerpt as i’ll be saying largely the same thing but expanded upon):


Yeah it seems with the Hitman 2 ETs there were some growing pains. They put in a good amount of effort to change the maps for them (a lot more than most 2016 ETs), but then they made weird decisions like having the real Dame Barbara always smoke at the easy-to-shoot gas lamp and Jimmy Chen literally isolate himself for you.

In all fairness to Vicente Murillo, it would’ve been much worse if he was the Special Assignment and Blair Reddington was the Santa Fortuna ET and the only way to unlock the Casual Tourist with Gloves. If I could use a metaphor, Vicente’s a bad hand, but he’s all we’ve got


Yeah I get what you mean.


the wrong position at 2:59 kills me :grimacing:

No really, well done.

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OHHH, I was wondering what you meant by this. From the comment trail, I assumed you meant a timestamp but in the wrong format. Anyway, it’s been changed, thank you!

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TFW people spot a background animation mistake but not one of about a dozen easter eggs :face_with_head_bandage: :sob:

And I rewatched this many times over before going live, I should’ve spotted this!

…Great this is going to haunt me forever.

Not mentioning it does not mean not seeing it :wink:
It is a great video and I really like the effort you’ve put into it. Just found it funny that this button press is so in focus and close-up :stuck_out_tongue:

No really, that’s a grain of sand at the beach. Great vid!

Well that softens the blow a bit, I’m glad you enjoyed it =)

Also, if you’re wondering what happened; this scene was re-edited a few times to be a smidge longer. In SFM, I had copied and moved the keyframes of everything in that scene, but I seem to have forgotten to delete the animations of the old take for the radio, hence why it plays twice.

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