HITMAN 3 to become ‘World of Assassination’

And that’s the concern. We should be able to play those games and their whole content even after servers being shut down. That’s sad to see all those complications for something that should’ve been implemented right in the beginning :confused:

Again, i’m sure that it’s not a huge challenge to make the game playable offline. Some people outside of IOI did it without the same amount of resources :man_technologist:

It’s a shame that most of the game content is locked behind online services while it’s mostly a game that plays on singleplayer. If you don’t remain permanently connected you can do nothing except going through the levels, without even being able to unlock the content or having a mission scoring. And THAT is a major issue in my opinion :warning:

Not even mentioning the times where you get a disconnect right in the middle of a game, sometimes at very critical and key moments :rotating_light:

I hope that they will be able to enable an offline patch sometime in a near future, either for legacy games or for the whole content. This is one of the major flaws of those new entries in the series :computer: