Hitman 3 versus Hitman 2 missions

I’m new to the Hitman series,so please bare with me.A week ago,I played Hitman for the very first time(beginning with Hitman 2.)
Loved Hitman 2 and completed all of the Hitman 2 Bundled main story missions in just 3 days.Never bothered with the challenge missions(as it’s merely just playing the main missions over & over again,which really doesn’t appeal to me.)
I got through those missions just fine on the Professional difficulty setting(which didn’t require any special items that one obtains from doing the challenges.)
However…with Hitman 3,it seems that challenge missions are mandatory,in order to complete the main story missions.
I got as far as “End Of An Era” and hit a wall.Up until this particular mission, whenever I came across a doorway that required a lockpick,I always found an alternative point of access into a building,so I never had any need for a lockpick.Whereas in this mission,I could only find one way into the basement and this doorway required a lockpick.I’ve spent days on replaying the Dartmoor challenges and completed 3 of them and yet,I still have no frakking picklock!??
I can’t stomach another replay of Dartmoor and I am just a single hair away from giving up on this game entirely and deleting it from my PS4.
Any suggesstions,tips,tricks or workarounds would be greatly appreciated(I’ve looked through many YouTube walkthroughs,but to no avail.)

You probably want to take a look at location masteries/challenges if you want to unlock a particular item. I believe you’ve already unlocked one of the lockpick items in your inventory. Completing the mission once should grant you enough experience points to unlock it.

But in case if you don’t, there’s some other lockpick items you may unlock via Legacy Packs. Here they are:

ICA Facility – The Final Test

  • Lockpick (Tool) – Complete Mission Story Challenges in ICA Facility

Miami – The Finish Line

  • Lockpick MK II (Tool) – Unlocked at Level 2

Dartmoor – Death in the Family

  • Lockpick MK III (Tool) – Unlocked at Mastery Level 2

The Classics Challenges

  • Silent Assassin x5: Classic Lockpick (Tool)



Also, pretty much any door that can be opened with a lockpick can be opened with a crowbar, which can be found on every level (usually in multiple places).


Thanks for the replies. I looked at my mastery unlocks and I have unlocked the lockpick…but how do I equip my character with the lockpick??

You equip items in the Briefing screen. The Briefing screen is where you’ll find the briefing, the objectives/targets and the loadout screen.

This is what the Loadout screen looks like

Slot 1/upper left: Starting location.
Slot 2/upper middle: Smuggled item.
Slot 3/upper right: Item.
Slot 1/lower left: Suit/disguise.
Slot 2/lower middle: Concealed weapon.
Slot 3/lower right: Item.

Slot 1/lower left depends on if you use a suit starting location or a disguise starting location.
For example, a disguise starting location could be that you’re starting as a Waiter.


I looked at the Planning section,but my lockpick isn’t there…but I did notice that under the smuggled items.there is a room near the arcade,called the Facility Server Supply room(but I cannot find this room.) Why is this so complicated? What am I doing wrong? Is there a glitch somewhere? Are there differences in the game between the PS4 and PC?

If you’ve unlocked a lockpick then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be there. It’s in the Tools tab when you select an Item slot.

Select an Item slot, go to Tools, now select your lockpick.

If you’ve smuggled an item in the Facility Server Supply Room then you can find that location when you open the map, once you’re in-game.
The room is located at level -3, it’s the lowest level in the map.

There is no difference between PS4 and PC regarding what has been discussed in this thread.


You’re looking for a Green box icon, by the way.


Okay…I successfully equipped myself with the lockpick in the planning section. However though…when I loaded up a saved game session,the lockpick was not available.
I then surmised that I needed to start the mission from scratch(which I did) & lo & behold,the lockpick was in my inventory,ready to use.
I don’t really mind starting the mission from the beggining,as I enjoyed this mission(has a Blade Runner vibe to it)…but I find it curious,that I had to equip myself in this manner.

My thanks to everyone in their prompt & helpful replies!


Yup, you got it.

The stuff you equip in the Planning screen is what you will have when you launch that level. It’s saved to that specific run, so what you might have in one save game will be different from another, because you started with different equipment.

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