Hitman 3 VR Problem

So,i got Hitman 3 for free on Epic Games in January 2021,never opened since now,when i got my first VR headset,and i knew that i could play Hitman 3 in vr,the problem is i dont why,but its not offering me the VR option,even tho i opened SteamVR and conected my VR headset before Entering the game,it still wont offer me a VR option,if something i got a Pico 4 but i am using VD a.k.a Virtual Desktop,so does anybody have the same problem,or had this problem,cuz i dont and wont spend about 30 dollars on hitman 3 on Steam.
So please if anybody knows,please tell me.

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Get yourself familiar with this info:

I don’t see your headset in a supported list, so I guess your headset is simply not supported by HITMAN VR


Look,because am using VD it kinda of simulates that am kind of play on a quest 2,so yea

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what do you mean how,every christmas for 14 days they are giving one free game every day,its too late now

HITMAN 3 was released on January 20, 2021. How did you get the game for free the same month it got released?

And I have yet to find the information that HITMAN 3 was available for free, let alone for Christmas.

ohh my bad,it was free from August 27 - September 3 2022

I could not find any information that HITMAN 3 was ever free. However, I did find that HITMAN(2016 game) was free from August 27 to September 3 of 2020. Are you sure you are not confusing anything?

look,i know i got it for free,i didnt spend any 30 dollars for himtan 3,i never bought the game

Do you have access to all 22 locations and Freelancer mode?

Edit: I just realized that you may have access to only 20 locations if you don’t have any DLC.

wait let me check,cuz i installed the game for VR,not for basic playing ngl,wait a sec

the thing is that if i had only one location or something,cuz i know the free starter pack has only Dubai(mission) and i dont think it would need 80gb for only one mission ngl

The game installs everything regardless of what you have. That applies to the Starter Pack as well.

ok,quickly am gonna say am dumb,when i installed the game ,i didnt check the missions,i have only acces to dubai,i think i got only the free starter pack,but i do have the whole story for Hitman 1,so yea,there is indeed no problem

That clarifies the issue.

From the above article:

PC VR is not available in the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack or “HITMAN 3 - Demo” (as the FSP is called on Steam).

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