Hitman 3 w/ EGS validation error, how do I start 'Offline'?

When trying to start Hitman 3 today, I get this error box:

Epic validation failed: 2147483647-0
Retry (or) Cancel

Clicking Retry gives me another error box, with 1040-0 as the error code.

I searched for help and under Settings → Preferences I checked the box for ‘Enable Offline Mode Browsing’ and exited EGS.

I blocked internet to my PC via my VPN app, and restarted EGS in Offline mode.

Now when I try to start Hitman 3 when EGS is offline, I get this full page (EGS full page) error:

Launch Failed
You must be signed in to launch Hitman 3.
Please sign in and try again.
Error code: LS-0003
Search our knowledge base to learn more
Dismiss (button)

IS there a way to start Hitman 3 (PC - EGS version) in Offline mode?

BTW, I am installing Hitman 2 through Steam (160gb worth) to try to nail down if it’s IOI or EGS at fault here.


Epic games are experiencing some technical problems, watch this website for updates:

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I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and now Hitman 3 isn’t even in my library.

Christ, would it have killed them to put a message somewhere? Hopefully I can properly reinstall the game later.

Could you please rename the thread to: Epic Games crash frustration club?

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I’m having the same issues right now, too, so yeah, it’s clearly a problem with Epic Games.

And now I’m suddenly missing the days when I could just buy a PC game on a disc, install it, and it ran every time I wanted it to. Instead, I can’t play a game that I purchased because some corporation forgot to pay their Internet bill or whatever.

Oh well, it is just after 6:00 AM where I am. Maybe the universe is telling me I should stop playing video games for the night and go to bed…


Yes, I added a method on PCGamingWiki some weeks ago because I was wondering the same thing :


It’s a shame that we don’t have an easier way to do it, like Steam does, but that’s how Epic handles online tagged games unfortunately. An alternative is to use Legendary (Epic Games Launcher alternative) like that :

legendary launch Eider -SKIP_LAUNCHER --offline

I can’t launch H3, it’s not even listed in my Epic game library. :thinking: Seriously. WTF?! Makes me think I got hacked or something.

Edit: Must be something really screwy going on with Epic. It’s listed again, along with another game that was also missing when I posted this.

Didn’t need to. Just tried again so many minutes later.

Did you uninstall and reinstall like I did? Because that’s how it up and Houdinied on me.

Their servers are getting swamped because people are waiting to redeem the free game.


I’d actually recommend Heroic Games Launcher, in part because it’s a GUI frontend for Legendary, and in part because that may be more useful to those who want to switch. If you’re on Linux I strongly dissuade you from doing this (it downloads a weird RPKG that completely screws up the games’ files, and it only seems to do it when ran on Linux. Take it from experience of trying it out).

The problem (for me at least) seems to be fixed for now. I recall that Steam would have store issues when they had a huge sale, though I seem to recall that games were not affected as much. Maybe I am having rose tinted glasses and can’t remember the early days of Steam around Half-Life 2 and later Orange Box launches.

Thanks for finding and posting the get-around, I’ll check it out!

Uhhh, nope, mostly because this was a question about launching the game, not about it crashing, which would mean it would have had to have started in the first place. This is more of a ‘WTF, why isn’t Offline Mode working’ thread. (edited for my sanity)