Hitman 3 will not load help

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hitman 3 dos not come up with setting to change the screen to 1920X1080 and dos not load. i have nvida 2060 mini 6gb card. in may pc. and amd 9 3900x 128 gb ram windows 10 pro workstation. play help hank you.

First of all I would recommend you to upgrade your graphical drivers and try again.
And I guess we need more detailed description of the problem to be able to help you

graphical drivers they are up-to-date. just have a Nvida 2060 mini 6gb ram ddr6 card. load screen to Chan the screen at 1 load dos not come up fore 1920x1080 thin i save it load the game game hitman 3 it in may task bare no hitman 3.

it was the Microsoft edge block the web sites go to the save to Activate the game on both web sites. thank you use new web browser will fix this in windows 10. it is fix fore me.