Hitman 3 won’t allow me access to hitman 1 levels

I own hitman 1 goty edition but when I try to play the hitman 1 destinations from hitman 3 game it says I have to purchase hitman 1 after clicking the link it takes me to the hitman 1 through the epic store which clearly reads I own the game.

I need help with this because I have no idea how to access hitman 1 destinations now something in hitman 3 is not recognizing I own hitman 1 goty edition can anybody help me with this issue? Thanks

Maybe this can help you?

PC Location Importing Guide - IO Interactive

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Try to add to cart HITMAN 1 Access Pass and see what price the checkout will give you.
If 0, buy it, this should fix the problem.
I guess it should give 0 price because you own HITMAN 2016 as you’re saying.
But yes, I need to stress that HITMAN 2016 must be owned on Epic for this to work

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Thank you and right after posting this I got on and it now lets me into the hitman destinations thanks for the advice