Hitman 3 World of Assassination random crashes

I’ve been getting random crashes in Hitman 3 not sure what could be the cause I was playing the Miami from Hitman 2 story and it sometimes just crashes for no clear reason no messages on crash just closes down.

On PC? My game randomly crashes sometimes, too. When it crashes, it’ll freeze for ~15 seconds before immediately exiting to the desktop; it usually crashes when undertaking an action, like opening a crate or changing disguises.

It’s done this since I first got the game. I’ve never figured out a perfect solution. The crashes had mostly stopped last year with the 3.120 patch, but they’ve been more frequent again with the latest 3.140 update that brought us Freelancer.

The best I’ve figured out is to go to C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\IO Interactive\HITMAN3 and delete the files PipelineCache.bin and PipelineLibrary.bin before each time you start the game. Doing so doesn’t completely stop the game from crashing, but it does seem to help minimize the frequency with which the game crashes.