Hitman 3 Year 2 Feature Updates Improvements

I am one of the biggest fans of Hitman specially Hitman WOA that’s why I want to suggest an improvement during the next big update for the freelancer mode to add an option where guards see blood and recognize it even without body found to look for suspicious people to search and so on .Also Agent 47 to be able to remove this blood from the floor and to be able to leave fingerprints on some places.

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I believe this is one of highly requested (at least desired) features ever since the release of 2016 game.
If we didn’t get it by this point, I highly doubt they will implement it at the end of game’s life cycle


I hope so !Let’s see it soon it will be perfect !

Here’s something that probably passed through IOI’s offices at some point and might explain why you’ll sadly never get your wish:


  • Will please fans, at least in the short term with fufilling a request for a wanted feature, not necessarily in the long term with improving the game
  • Increases immersion


  • Will need to invest significant dev resources and QA into testing/bugfixing (remember, guards have x ray vision problems in the CURRENT game, imagine what it could be like with blood spatters incredibly low to the ground or clipping through walls)
  • Will reduce the strength of bullet shot/knife kills, which don’t need their strength reduced. There is already almost no gameplay incentive to kill anyone with knives in the WoA games, and in the case of most bullet kills, players do not care if the body is found afterwards
  • Even with the circumstances of blood spilling aside, the mechanical situations in which a player will leave a blood splatter, move and hide the body, but then CAN’T clear the blood up are extremely rare. That’s very important, because if players say, don’t move and hide the body, the blood changes nothing about the gameplay ramifications of NPCs finding the body. If the player clears up the blood, it changed very little about the encounter. The mechanic doesn’t actually add very much gameplay value when you think about it in those terms

And it’s probably why detectable blood is never gonna be a thing, at least not in this iteration of Hitman


I liked how this was done in Absolution… guards would find a blood pool, but no body, then spend a little time on a search… this could divert their route for a bit… however, it’s only going to be silent-assassin useful when the blood pool is on from a target… Unless a non-lethal shot would create a blood pool that would be investigated after the panic wore off… thus adding time to guard distraction

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