Hitman 4 ? and beyond

I don’t know if ioi will create a Hitman 4, but we need one. With Ambrose Island, the door is open to creating a new game and storyline. The constant displayed it when he said power doesn’t change only people.

Beyond, I thought of both a prequel trilogy and a post trilogy. I wish they would remake Silent Assassin Blood Money Absolution with the 2016 structure. Expand on each map and add escalations.

In all my years of playing video games since the early 80s, this franchise keeps going


I don’t see any remakes on the horizon, particularly with their Bond game in development. We may get more maps, but it’ll be a while before a new Hitman game launches.

Given the trilogy’s content, there’s a lot to keep us busy in the meantime.


Hitman is IOI’s best ip, I’m sure they won’t give it up easily.
Just wait. There’s a long wait between Blood Money and Absulotion, and another long wait between Absolution and HITMAN 2016. So it seems that another long wait is coming with the end of H3Y2

Obviously this is a lot of speculation as Project 007 development and release will keep IO busy for a while, but if there is going to be a “HITMAN 4” it likely isn’t going to be named that, or an extension of the WOA trilogy and instead have its own separate arc (perhaps about Ingrams sons and Arthur Edwards vision of providence as “Destiny Group”.

We will likely see a game with expanded mechanics and an entirely new ratings system (as the rating system is one of WOA weakest and most disliked components). Accident kills will likely be changed to be stricter and more logical (no more “accidental” Molotov cocktails and car battery’s in sink puddles), but will still be logical.

I’d also imagine of the mechanics returning: dual silverballers (duh), human shielding people, hitman blood money’s push system, nontargets killed in accidents not ruining silent assassin rating, maybe some new form of point shooting, and possibly people waking up after being knocked out?

I do think it’s possible that we could get a remaking of older games (primarily Codename 47). This remake could also tease the secret ending of Hitman 3 creating a branched timeline as a kind of “what if” scenario.

Although I think we would see something like this when 47’s story starts to come to its final chapters with a kind of full timeline game that has all of the series under one systematic roof.

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This is NO TIME for a remake, but more for DLCs and additional gameplay features to expand the World Of Assassination for years :+1:

This would have to be limited. Maybe 1 a level, but maybe not even 1. BM was insane. 400 people “fell down the stairs” yea right :joy:

My justification is that during an average SA playthrough one would hardly get more than a couple of non-target accident kills, which is plausible. But if you manage to pull off dozens of accidents and keep all other stats (witnesses, bodies found, covers blown, non-target kills) at zero, you deserve that Silent Assassin rank for your skillfulness/creativity :upside_down_face:

Anyway, not sure if WOA-style game would need a rating change so certain non-target kills don’t violate SA. That was the case with all the games before H2016, yes, but they were very limited in pacifying methods. While WOA has dozens of throwable non-lethal items on all the levels, Kalmers, various accidental KOs, etc. to effectively deal with non-targets non-lethally.


I’ve thought of how one might fix this issue in the rankings and my thought would be that either:

A. You could restrict to only being able to kill certain amounts of nontargets with accidents or normally (2 guards and 2 civilian on easy, 1 guard and 1 civilian on professional, and 1 guard on master).

B. Players can kill many guards or civilians at once, but a count is increments as single incidents (think like an explosive killing multiple people at once, or a chandelier dropping on multiple people), I think this system is better as it allows for large scale accident kills to still have the same values as normal scale accidents while also keeping things relatively logical (people would get incredibly suspicious and doubtful if 4 different completely unrelated lethal accidents happened in the same day). This system could also give alternative weight to methodology and what kind of people are killed in the incident (guards, criminals, or civilians)

C. I think Thekotti had a short video on a kind of point rating system, where different kinds of kills, accidents, and actions are weighted in different point values.

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I have had the same thoughts in my head. The issue is even 1 non target NPC along with 1 target still is just going to scream shenanigans. I mean if it’s the same accident (a chandelier falls on both of them) fine, but some guard accidentally drowns and then a VIP dies of a heart attack after drinking some wine? Nah not buying it :joy: so maybe there is no true fix?

Oh well. It’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out whenever we get the new one.