HITMAN 4 IO Interactive

Hello everyone, do you think the next part of the game will be Hitman 4 or restart all the series with a new game graphics and physics engine and will it be just a game without numbering just a Hitman game?

Hopefully they start from scratch, actually improve the game and finally add working elevators :sweat_smile:.


They’re working on the next 007 game at the moment, so don’t expect to see another Hitman game for quite some time. It’s also a trilogy, so there will be no “Hitman 4”. It’s not the end of the IP though.


47 decides to start from scratch, and starts going by 007 instead.


Hitman 4??? 3 is only a day old and you are talking about 4th game??? I don’t think we’ll be seeing another game for a long time, if ever. It all comes down to money, and how they do with the 007 game. New engine, graphics, elevators? Why not add plate carrying, human shield and dual ballers to the list? Features that a lot have been asking for but somehow cannot be done. I also think tensions among the fans are pretty high right now with the always online thing, and now the progress fiasco , it’s scaring people away. It’s all about $$$.


@FanatHitman3 be like :

Go easy dude, give them a few years :sweat_smile:


A “Contracts 2” with 47 killing different targets around the world without a personal story could be a good option to establish him again in a few years.

I think another hitman game won’t come up anytime soon but it will be there at some point of time in the future.

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